Anand Dutta
Head- Solutions CoE, Presales & Alliances, Tech Mahindra
Ravi Kollipara
Sr. Director and Global Head GSI Ecosystems, Sysdig

The desire to take advantage of the modern cloud-native paradigm has led many enterprises to rush to production with Kubernetes and containerized applications. However, this has often led to problems with security and observability. Containers and microservices add new abstractions that make it very hard to have visibility into applications. Containers are ephemeral, meaning they are created and destroyed frequently. It’s difficult to track the lifecycle of containers and identify any potential problems.

The available tools for monitoring and securing cloud-native applications are often black boxes. They do not provide enough visibility into the inner workings of the applications. Enterprises are thus struggling to secure and troubleshoot their cloud-native applications. This is leading to security incidents, compliance violations, and performance issues and opening up multiple technology, security, and business risks.

Objectives While Building a Stack for Cloud Native Security

While looking for architectures and tool stacks to tackle these challenges, subject matter experts from Tech Mahindra evaluated multiple security tools while keeping the following objectives in mind:

Based on this information, businesses can be proactive in handling and managing such cases with appropriate help and assistance to the customers and managing their debt, such as payment extensions, re-financing, other special repayment options, moratorium, etc. This prevents the accounts from moving towards bad debts or possible bad debt/write offs.

  • Securely accelerate cloud-native adoption while adhering to devSecOps
  • Gain visibility and control over cloud-native environments
  • Improve overall security posture and reduce risks of security breaches

The idea was to use a best of breed cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) at the core and provide:

  • Consulting services to help customers assess their current security posture and develop a cloud-native security strategy
  • Managed services to implement processes around this cloud-native security solution
  • Training to help teams learn how to use the solution effectively

After multiple vendor discussions and POC evaluations, TechM decided to use Sysdig as its platform of choice for providing these solutions. What stood out with regards to Sysdig was its philosophy to use runtime insights to secure clouds and containers and also to achieve compliance. With Sysdig, it is very easy to:

  • Detect and respond to threats: Sysdig uses layered detection based on machine learning and managed policies. This helps to quickly identify and respond to threats, even those that are new or unknown.
  • Manage vulnerabilities: Sysdig can help reduce the vulnerabilities to fix by 95% using runtime insights. This is because Sysdig can provide a package-centric view of vulnerabilities highlighting the ones that are manifested in production.
  • Assess security posture: Sysdig gives a single view of risk into cloud security posture. This helps you to prioritize fixes by consolidating issues based on root cause and impact and demonstrate compliance to regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.
  • Optimize your cloud costs: Sysdig can help you to reduce wasted spending by 40% on average. This is because Sysdig can see cost savings based on cluster, namespace, and workload utilization.

Tech Mahindra and Sysdig have been enabling customers in the journey of adopting cloud-native technologies, securely. We have a proven track record of success and deep expertise in cloud-native technologies and our bundled solution that includes Sysdig platform, consulting services, managed services, and training.

Connect with Tech Mahindra and Sysdig today to learn more about how we can help you tackle cloud-native adoption and security hurdles.

About the Author:

Anand Dutta,
Head- Solutions CoE, Presales & Alliances, Tech Mahindra

Anand is a seasoned techno-commercial professional with around 2 decades of experience in leading presales, solutioning, alliances, strategy functions for triple digit million dollars business practices working with large system integration organization. At Tech Mahindra, Anand is responsible for leading three global functions like presales, solution CoE competency and alliance channels for the cyber security practice

Ravi Kollipara,
Sr. Director and Global Head GSI Ecosystems, Sysdig

Ravi is responsible for building the overall GSI business sales, strategy, partnership, enablement and GTM. High-tech international executive with a successful track record of building strategic alliances with the ecosystem of global system integrators for technology companies from inception to launching joint offerings, building net new business with enterprise customers and delivering accelerated sales revenue growth. He has served over 30 years of leadership roles in the areas of networking, storage, data management, security and cloud-native technologies for startups and large multinational corporations