Bharath Vasudevan
Chief Capability Officer – Tech Mahindra BPS

The concept of ‘free-for-all’ access to the web, while quite liberating for our population, has time and again created unease among audiences simply because of the sheer amount of content being uploaded online every day. The rapid evolution of technology and digital ecosystems has created easy choices for consumers to disseminate all kinds of data, including objectionable content with hate speech, profanity, violence, cyberbullying, nudity, online harassment, etc. This is an alarming situation that has made content moderation the need of the hour not just for enterprises but for small-scale companies as well.

Artificial Intelligence has a multitude of use cases in various industries across the globe, and in recent years, we have observed both large and smaller companies moving toward this potent technology. Similarly, AI has made a huge impact on digital content moderation, bringing in unmatched sophistication. Let’s understand in detail about the future of AI in content moderation.

Strategic Integration of AI for Unparalleled Accuracy

AI is set to become invaluable because of its strategic integration at scale. It can be integrated into different social channels which in turn will ensure precise and real-time analytics, avoiding the possibility of fragmented methods that might jeopardize moderation efforts.

AI algorithms provide remarkable precision in content evaluation. Traditional approaches struggle with the size and diversity of the content landscape, resulting in false positives or missing instances of hazardous content. AI's ability to process vast datasets at remarkable speeds will ensure that the moderation process is not only more efficient but also significantly more accurate, providing users with a safer online environment. For example, AI-powered picture identification will save time and reduces the possibility of improper content sneaking past the filtering process.

The Power of Predictive Moderation

AI can provide predictive content moderation, similar to the crucial function of cash flow forecasting in financial planning. AI systems can foresee prospective content issues by analyzing trends and past data, enabling proactive precautions to be taken. This forward-thinking strategy will guarantee that online platforms are prepared for unknown difficulties, balancing free speech and guaranteeing a safe digital space.

Predictive moderation is more than just a set of rules. AI can learn from previous content patterns and user interactions, detecting possible problems before they become serious. For example, a platform may predict greater hate speech during specific events and take preventative efforts to mitigate it, resulting in a more robust and proactive moderation system.

Human-AI Synergy: Striving for the Perfect Moderation Blend

The environment of AI content moderation will continue to evolve, and attaining the optimal balance of human and AI skills is a strategic priority. While AI excels at rapidly and accurately processing large volumes of data, human moderators add nuanced knowledge, empathy, and cultural context to the table. The future of content filtering is dependent on developing a mutually beneficial connection between AI algorithms and human judgement.

AI can undertake regular, large-scale moderating duties effectively, freeing up human moderators to focus on nuanced, context-dependent choices. Furthermore, human moderators are critical in improving AI models, as well as offering insights into cultural subtleties and emerging online behaviAdditionallyors.

TechM Content Moderation Services – Leading by Example

Tech Mahindra has tremendously grown its portfolio of Trust and Safety services to help businesses create a secure digital environment and create a strong foundation for future innovation. With our state-of-the-art AI-based content moderation and human-in-the-loop content services and groundbreaking collaborations with domain experts and industry leaders, we have achieved some momentous feats with industry leaders, including a large pharmaceutical company, an e-commerce giant, a large search engine, top 10 gaming developers, the leading Q&A platform, a Canadian multinational bank, a large American MNC, and many more.

Our content moderation services powered by artificial intelligence combined with automation technology are aimed to prepare both large and small-scale companies for the future. A greater focus is also put on employees’ mental health through the use of AI algorithms to support human content moderators.

We perform ~300k audits per year and ~15m ads, appeals, and tickets with >99% quality across workflows. Our key T&S engagements include:

  • C SAM, PII Information Review
  • Digital Ad moderation
  • Gaming Content Moderation
  • Driver KYC Verification
  • Forum Content Moderation

Our T&S support ecosystem consists of end-to-end trust and safety AI solutions. To learn about our content moderation services as a part of our trust and safety offerings, visit our website, or write to us at

About the Author

Bharath Vasudevan
Chief Capability Officer – Tech Mahindra BPS

Bharath has over two decades of experience in leadership roles across global MNCs and privately held organizations. He is skilled at incubating and growing new ideas and businesses, fostering technology-led innovation, especially in VUCA environments, relationship management, and managing large, globally dispersed, and diverse workforces.

As Head of Capabilities for the business process services (BPS) portfolio at Tech Mahindra, Bharath is responsible for all the service offerings of the organization and ensures that Tech Mahindra’s BPaaS solutions, industry and domain capabilities are continuously honed and geared for cutting-edge and transformative service delivery to our clients. Bharath also oversees the architecting and implementation of new solutions, and business consulting services as well as the management of all our partnerships and alliances across the globe.