Bharath Vasudevan
Chief Capability Officer – Tech Mahindra Business Process Services

Navigating Employee Wellness in a VUCA World

In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, stress haunts us all and is impacting the workplace. It’s not just clients who want to know how employees are covered while managing Trust and Safety operations. In many instances, business process services (BPS) companies are prioritizing how to combat employee stress especially for certain kinds of digital jobs. At the end of the day, customer experience is highly dependent on employee wellness.

Is Employee Wellness the Way Forward for BPO Companies?

BPO service providers today are increasingly focusing on employee physical and mental health. Those delivering Trust and Safety services seems to be the most impacted and are constantly seeking ways to redesign the new workplace with an evolving value-based approach to employee wellness.

It is not just the clients who want to know how employees are covered while managing Trust & Safety operations. But BPO companies are increasingly getting more serious about employee stress especially due to certain types of digital jobs. According to a Harvard Business Review Report, ‘3 in 5 organizations have dedicated “wellness budgets”, which are expected to grow by 7.8% in the coming years "(Harvard Business Review)". At Tech Mahindra, we are redesigning the new workplace with increasing focus on ‘employee wellness’. The acquisition of Mad*Pow has strengthened our position in the employee wellness space.

Employee wellness will matter most for BPO companies now and in the future!

Trust and Safety services will play an important role for large social media companies as ensuring safety, compliance and integrity in real time is the need of the hour. Employees moderating, curating, reviewing egregious content are the most impacted.

Significance of wellness for employees in the VUCA world and content moderation space

With the challenges that the VUCA world is throwing at us, we need to understand why people who are working on these use cases need the most support. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit us with a deluge of uncertainties, it also has given people a reality check about their well-being. For instance, during the first wave, WFH became the new norm. We witnessed managers finding it difficult to manage their teams' well-being remotely and effectively. Given that there was a pandemic and employees were stressed, it was essential to provide them a positive environment. This is when Tech Mahindra launched a program to train managers on building effective conversations around mental resilience, for creating a positive workplace through role plays through focused group discussions and group activities. This saw a huge impact on how employees felt psychologically safe at work.

Besides, CBT is another tool that can be effectively used for managing distressing emotions. Cognitive and behavioral therapies provide strong empirical support for treating mood, sleep, and anxiety disorders. Hence, in Tech Mahindra, we focus on building employee inclusive wellness frameworks, to increase relevance, create positive impact to directly improve employee well-being.

Navigating Employee Wellness in a VUCA World: LinkedIn Live Session

With a view to highlight the prevailing condition and how employee well-being can be transformed, industry experts Bharath Vasudevan, Chief Capability Officer – Business Process Services, Tech Mahindra, Mahesh Mani Iyer, Senior Vice President – Business Process Services, Tech Mahindra, Manish Samadarshi, Managing Partner, Allyis Inc., Tech Mahindra and Meghna Hareendran, Wellness Officer, Tech Mahindra along with Sathish Kasthuri, Group Practice Head Trust and Safety – Business Process Services, Tech Mahindra came together to throw light on the significance of wellness for employees in this VUCA world and content moderation space.

Key Takeaways:

During the LinkedIn live interaction, the experts from BPS and Human Resources shared their insights on:

  • The importance of building wellness as a capability and its relevance to the growth of metaverse
  • What clients are asking for to manage their Trust and Safety operations
  • How employee wellness programs are making a difference
  • Use cases that demonstrate how employee wellness initiatives in Trust and Safety ops are making a difference

With VUCA throwing up so many challenges, what are clients, especially in the social media space, asking for when it comes to managing their Trust and Safety operations?

Access the session recording to gain deeper insights on the importance of cognitive behavior and employee wellness:

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Bharath Vasudevan
Chief Capability Officer – Tech Mahindra Business Process Services

Bharath Vasudevan has over two decades of experience in leadership roles across global Fortune 500 organizations and has created and led several world class teams with diverse skills and competencies. He has had direct P&L responsibilities for several large portfolios. He has also partnered with leading Fortune 500 companies to drive large and complex projects with diverse stakeholders across the globe and has helped drive efficiency and effectiveness enhancement initiatives across these organizations.