Posted by: Harshul Asnani

New Year brings with it a very special vibe. More so with 2021, as there is so much wrapped up in it – the collective hope of humanity to emerge from the current crises and longing that it will be the year of a valiant comeback.

As curtains fall on 2020, there is no simple way to sum up this incredible year – surreal, tumultuous, scary, wearisome? Or a year of heroism, kindness, resilience, and hope?

Maybe all of the above.

Whatever be the case, 2020 will go down in annals of history as a powerful illustration of the indomitable human spirit. A time capsule that taught us a lot of lessons worth safeguarding – lessons in courage and compassion. In camaraderie and connection. In empathy and grit. If only we could distill these qualities and put them in a bottle, to preserve them—never to be forgotten!

As we faced a common existential threat across the globe, the innate resiliency and goodness in all of us surfaced through simple acts of kindness and heroism. Collectively, we rose. We went above and beyond. Over the past nine months, I have been deeply humbled to hear countless stories from colleagues, clients, family and friends– stories of those who reached out and connected with others, opened their hearts and wallets to share compassionately, opened their ears to listen, molded themselves to learn and change. I have learned from every one of them.

But without 2020 and all its seemingly unsurmountable challenges, we would not be on the cusp of one of the world’s most amazing achievements in recent history. The race between vaccine vs virus is real, and it appears we will finally win in 2021.

When the ball drops, as the bells ring to welcome 2021, let us remember and celebrate how we got here: goodness, empathy, resilience... Treasuring these, will take us into new year and beyond with a sense of purpose.

I am very bullish that it will indeed be a year of a great comeback. My optimism is bolstered by recent reports in WSJ-

  • Highly effective vaccines are starting to become available, and inexpensive Covid-19 home tests should be available soon as well.
  • There were almost 1.6 million new business applications in the third quarter of 2020 in the US, almost double from a year earlier.
  • Americans have accumulated $2 trillion in new savings deposits since February – which is more than 10% of gross domestic product waiting to be spent!
  • An online economy kept America and the world running through its dark days and will only expand.
  • Startups are flourishing.

With that said, our business on the West Coast, which is largely dependent on the Tech sector should expand. We have had our scary moments, but this incredible team dug its heels deep to face the storm. We rallied together to emerge stronger, living up to our spirit of RISE.

We have a lot to be grateful for - starting with each other. I would like to thank you for your unflinching support, solidarity, and friendship through these tough times. We stuck to each other, like families do.

I wish you and your families an abundance of health, happiness, joy and renewal.

With the hope and deep-seated belief that tomorrow will, indeed, be better than today

Author’s Bio:

Harshul Asnani, President Americas - Technology, Media and Entertainment Business

Harshul is President Americas of the Technology, Media, and Entertainment (TME) business, and part of the Leadership team at Tech Mahindra. He leads a strategic portfolio of businesses and subsidiaries operating at the leading edge of new-age technologies. With over 25 years in the technology sector, Harshul is a seasoned leader known for steering high performance global teams and scaling businesses from the ground up. Harshul holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration and has been part of the management development program at Harvard Business School.