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CEO Designate, Comviva,
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As leaders, we are often preoccupied with winning the finite game of business. We focus on short-term goals and measures of success that we believe will help us achieve victory over our competitors. However, Simon Sinek's book The Infinite Game challenges this traditional mindset and argues that playing the infinite game is the key to building enduring and sustainable organizations.

After reading the book, I was left with several powerful insights that have helped me better understand what it takes to build a lasting organization and become a truly effective leader.

Here are just a few of the most important lessons I took away from this inspiring read.

  1. 1. Exist to further a just cause and stretch goals

Infinite-minded leaders understand that the purpose of their organization goes beyond profits and shareholder returns. They exist to further a just cause and strive to make a positive impact on the world. By setting stretch goals that align with this purpose, they inspire their teams to work towards a higher purpose and create a sense of meaning and fulfillment in their work.

  1. 2. Build trust and rally with teams

Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships, both personal and professional. In the infinite game, trust is essential for building strong and effective teams that can work together to achieve their goals. Leaders must create a culture of trust by being transparent, authentic, and consistent in their words and actions. They must also be willing to rally with their teams in times of challenge and uncertainty.

  1. 3. Find worthy rivals and beat competition by leapfrogging them by miles

Infinite-minded leaders view competition as a means of improvement rather than a threat. They seek out worthy rivals who challenge them to be better and push them to achieve greater things. They do not focus on beating their competitors but instead aim to leapfrog them by miles, creating a new level of innovation and excellence that sets them apart.

  1. 4. Display existential flexibility to make extreme strategic shifts and measure impact

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, leaders must be willing to adapt and make extreme strategic shifts to stay ahead of the game. They must display existential flexibility and be willing to take risks to pursue their just cause. However, they must also be mindful of the impact of their decisions and measure the outcomes to ensure that they are moving in the right direction.

  1. 5. Find the courage to lead with an infinite mindset. Make the change and make it happen now!

Leading with an infinite mindset requires courage and conviction. It means prioritizing the long-term health and success of the organization over short-term gains. It means taking bold action and making difficult decisions to move the organization towards its just cause. It means not waiting for someone else to make the change but taking ownership and making it happen now.

  1. 6. Do not blame others. We own the OUTCOME, and the outcomes will be infinite!

Finally, infinite-minded leaders take ownership of the outcomes of their organization. They do not blame others for their failures or shortcomings but instead accept responsibility and take action to improve. They understand that the outcomes of their organization are infinite and that every decision they make has a lasting impact.

Leading with Purpose: A Blueprint for Creating Lasting Impact and Meaningful Change

I found The Infinite Game to be an eye-opening and thought-provoking read. Sinek's ideas have challenged my notions of business and encouraged me to rethink my approach to leadership. Let us all take up the challenge of playing the infinite game and building organizations that make a positive impact on the world.

And as we embark on this journey to embrace the infinite game and cultivate an infinite mindset, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate those who are already playing the game within our organization, whether knowingly or unknowingly. These are the individuals who embody the values and principles that Simon Sinek talks about in his book The Infinite Game. They are the ones who take on the toughest challenges, think outside the box, and constantly strive to make our organization better.

These alpha infinite game leaders are the ones who will help us create a stronger, more innovative, inspiring, and resilient organization. By recognizing and rewarding their efforts, we look forward to inspiring others to follow their example and build a culture of infinite game play throughout the organization.

Let us seek out and celebrate these positive role models, who will lead us to deliver infinite results and leave a lasting impact on our organization and the world around us.

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Rajesh Chandiramani
CEO Designate, Comviva, Tech Mahindra

In a career spanning 30 years, Rajesh has led large and diverse global programs and initiatives across various organizations. As part of the senior management team, Rajesh has been part of Tech Mahindra’s transformation journey where he has contributed significantly to the company's strategy and exponential business growth. Rajesh holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunications) and a master’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of Mumbai. He has also been part of the Management Development Program from Harvard Business School (HBS) and from Ross Business School, Michigan University. He currently heads Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) at Tech Mahindra for UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Japan, and India. Prior to this role, Rajesh was heading Digital Business globally for the cloud, data and analytics, artificial intelligence (ai), cybersecurity and blockchain businesses within Tech Mahindra.