Powering Data Protection as a Service with Rubrik and Microsoft

Data is everywhere. Data is in transit and at rest. Its everyone responsibility to protect data. It is more of reputation that is lost which is not quantifiable than the actual financial loss. There is no single pane of view for data with unified management.

Most organizations use a mix of private cloud and multiple public cloud environments. This can result in users accessing multiple data stores through a variety of end points. Data is also growing at much higher rates in these environments than originally envisaged. Such a large amount of data needs to be analyzed, categorized, classified, and managed to ensure security, governance, and compliance. This challenge is further complicated by the resources required to manage different platforms, environments, data types, formats, multiple tools, and the requirements to localize data for some regions.

IT organizations therefore need to create a vision, strategy, and plan for data protection and have the right tools and processes in place to effectively deliver against their data protection requirements. While this might seem a daunting task, there are leading organizations ideally equipped to aid.

Increasing risk of cyber-attacks and data exposures

Unprotected data exposes the organization to increased risk of cyber-attack from internal or external sources. Data is at risk whether at rest or in transit over the network. The risk of application downtime is likely if data is not protected to facilitate disaster recovery, while data exfiltration exposes the organization to a cumulative financial risk from penalties attributed to regulatory and compliance violations.

Data can be distributed across various locations such as on-premises datacenters, multiple cloud locations (on PaaS or SaaS platforms), edge, or branch locations. In addition, data is also stored, in a structured or non-structured format, in various types of databases and emerging technologies such as container microservices. Organizations can face considerable challenges to take control of various data sources and protect them. The management, governance, and security of an organization’s data can be further complicated by the need to determine whether compliance regulations have been breached by data exfiltration.

Strategizing on Modern Security Solutions

IT organizations need a comprehensive strategy with a holistic approach that includes modern data protection solutions and uses cloud benefits such as scale, security, reliability, simplicity, and cost optimization, with a single view of the data. Modern data security solutions can seamlessly integrate with the cloud and can provide rapid data recovery with optimal application availability in case of disaster. Organizations can also leverage the on-demand capabilities of cloud platforms for easy-to provision, reliable infrastructure and protection from a variety of data threats with disaster recovery provided via secure, reliable offsite backups. It is recommended that a strong data protection strategy should address the following three key pillars for effective data protection management:

  • People – Skilled resources with data protection management capabilities.
  • Process – Processes to analyze the various data stores, manage, and protect them.
  • Tools and Technology – Modern tools and technologies optimized for an organization’s data protection requirement.

The NXT Approach to Data Protection

Today, we live in a world that is constantly booming with new information, often it gets difficult to protect our valuable data. Cloud advisory boards can be immensely helpful in these scenarios, by sharing industry insights and customer perspectives across fields to help align solution offerings to address real life problems. It also accelerates cloud transformation by building a robust roadmap, developing business agility, and boosting competitive edge for enterprises.

As a global system integrator, we recommend building a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be tailored to your business needs. We have partnered with Rubrik and Microsoft to provide a holistic data protection solution that meets customer’s needs.

Using a combination of the Rubrik modern data protection solution and Azure Cloud Platform Services, we are equipped to address customer data protection challenges as mentioned below:

  • Ransomware Protection
  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Cost Optimization
  • Simplicity and Manageability
  • Operational Efficiency and Compliance
  • Data Protection for multiple platform support

Hybrid and Multi Cloud is Our Way Forward 

It is complex to manage and protect discrete environments, platforms, various data types, formats, and so on. A well-defined vision and strategy combined with a modern data protection solution integrated with a cloud-platform can help meet today’s data protection requirements. Our partnership with Rubrik and Microsoft Azure Cloud provides comprehensive solution to address modern data protection requirements for hybrid and multi cloud.

About the Author:

Mr. Guru Prasad C P; Group Practice Head, Azure Cloud Services

Guru Prasad C P has an experience of over 22 years with over 8 years specifically in the public cloud working in Asia, ANZ, Europe and the US. His experience includes, setting up practice teams aligned to industry verticals and horizontals, analyst interactions for positioning the offerings, hiring the right talent, involving in strategic exercise mergers and acquisitions, organization building, creating frameworks and IP’s. At Tech Mahindra he is responsible for practice and competency development which includes alignment with OEMs for solutions, offerings and adoption of new technologies, customer interfacing where he acts as a trusted advisor in providing unbiased views/opinions and aligning with organization goals at the same time, value creation, developing practice areas deal making, solution support for large deals, and carve out deals from azure and hybrid cloud perspective.

Mr. Milind Dhuri, Principal Solution Architect, Azure Cloud Services

Milind Dhuri is a Principal Solution Architect in Tech Mahindra, has vast experience close to about two decades in public, private and Hybrid cloud solutions. His experience includes enterprise cloud strategy, presales, architecture design, consultancy. At Tech Mahindra as part of Azure Cloud Practice, his role involves various tools and product’s evaluations including third party / cloud native solutions. In Data Protection solutions areas, work with partners and OEMs on joint solutions offerings. He comes from a Multi / Hybrid cloud background which help customers to provide pointed solutions such as backup / recovery, BCDR and ransomware protection.