Sanjay Shah
Business Head of ServiceNow Services,
Tech Mahindra

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed many businesses and enterprises to reshape their business and operating models, while reinventing their IT systems for agility. By adopting “mobile-first” approach, these enterprises sought new technology options to grab their customers on the move, always.

In the new normal, telcos and enterprises are required to collaborate to create this business value. This is not so easy as telcos are often stuck navigating across ecosystems of disparate portals, cloud providers, networks, IT systems, and many more.​ This coupled with hard customization and ad-hoc integration which ends up with multi-fold complexity puts businesses at risk.

On the other side, it becomes consistently harder for telcos to deliver consistent enterprise-level experiences, sustaining net-promoter scores with ever increasing customer acquisition and service costs. ​At scale, it results in diminishing margins, making effective B2B2X model critical to sustain the business.

The Need for an Effective B2B2X

Communication service providers (CSPs) will have to innovate and find ways of tapping into this additional value that enterprises will build around the 5G ecosystem Or watch third-party providers walk away with bulk of opportunities that 5G would generate. 

CSPs need to be more than just a connectivity provider, CSP B2B2X models defined by their ability to partner with multiple corporates, often in a marketplace model, to offer varied products and services, while reaching for many end users. This model would allow CSPs to offer innovative solutions, grow revenue, reach greater audiences, and become a leader in the industry all without technical complexity and expensive direct customer interactions. 

How Telcos Can Scale Growth with Unified Technology

As telcos look to expand their business models beyond just connectivity, they need to modernize their IT architectures, starting with a framework that is rooted and focused on customer experience. 

An important aspect of transforming CSPs’ operational and service delivery models is to maximize the value of existing technology investments. An architecture with built-in automation as an overlay layer, covering consolidated data models, bring scalable delivery services and add more value — without rip and replace protecting existing investments. Idea is to drive self-service, automation, or decision-making systems powering real-time contextual marketing platforms, including next best offer or next best action marketing models.

Tech Mahindra’s B2B Digital Concierge Powered by ServiceNow

Tech Mahindra’s B2B Digital Concierge powered by ServiceNow helps CSPs consolidate their legacy IT systems with an overlay layer for new digital technologies and processes, embedding legacy and digital on a single platform—enabling enterprises to efficiently digitize, visualize, and manage workflows across customers, employees, and partners.

With the built-in unified marketplace, CSPs can identify opportunities within each personalized journey to make recommendations and offer additional products or services to customers. With B2B Digital Concierge, CSPs can create seamless interoperability and consistent customer experiences, while powering efficient operations.

Together, Tech Mahindra and ServiceNow can help CSPs further:

  • Scale capacity while lowering costs with common workflows that extend beyond organizations to ensure true collaboration across CSPs, enterprises or customers, and partners.
  • Eliminate friction from the customer or partner journey with a unified experience that connects touchpoints.
  • Simplify process of bundling offers and pricing to attract new segments and customers.
  • Accelerate launch of new services with catalogue-driven scalable order management with complexity of next-gen services.
  • Track real-time performance and prioritize service innovations with data-based insights. By automating and integrating BSS/OSS systems on a common platform, no data gets lost, ensuring that teams have consistent access to accurate data and actionable insights.

Tech Mahindra and ServiceNow leverage automated order management leading to joint success across timely product launches, clearly defined opportunities, and secured sustainable growth and making service assurance a reality for CSPs.

Tech Mahindra's B2B Digital Concierge: Transforming Customer Experience

In today's fast-paced world, businesses need to constantly innovate and enhance their operations to stay competitive. Tech Mahindra's B2B Digital Concierge is a game-changer in this regard, as it offers a seamless and integrated approach to scale capacity while lowering costs by integrating the entire value chain across CSPs, enterprise customers, and partners. By eliminating friction from the customer journey, it ensures a consistent experience by connecting touchpoints across the journey. Additionally, its efficient operations increase the power of the flow of work with a system of action that bridges the ecosystem and reduces the cost to serve. In short, Tech Mahindra's B2B Digital Concierge transforms customer experience, making it a must-have solution for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve

About the Author

Sanjay Shah
Business Head of ServiceNow Services , Tech Mahindra

Sanjay Shah is the VP and Business Head of ServiceNow Services based in Bangalore (India). With over 30 years of experience in IT, he has been enabling customers to reap the value of their existing IT investments and bridging the gap between legacy and modern technology. He has curiosity to learn new technologies and has experience of IT Infrastructure mainly in business, technology, and system integration projects. He is a Stanford Certified Program Manager (SCPM) awarded by Stanford University.

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