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C3P (Connect, Configure and Certification Platform)

C3P is an AI enabled platform that automates the collection, analysis, and testing processes of information on management systems. It then has the ability to enable a new, or upgrade the existing Network Elements configuration with the desired services with minimal or no manual intervention. In case of any incompatibilities, it is able to analyze issues and suggest solutions for the same. The biggest benefit of C3P is that it is a Vendor agnostic, based on an open-source architecture.


  • Complex Digital Services constructed from Virtualized and Cloud infrastructure
  • Comprised of Multiple digital services / VNF partners
  • Assuring customer experience with Virtualized network
  • Complies with NetDevOPs with fast and reliable Service Activation, Test & Diagnosis
  • Provides Open and Dynamic APIs to interface North/South bonding systems
  • Automated, Data Driven and near ZERO Manual Intervention


  • Enables Digitization across the operation team
  • Significantly reduces
    • Overall Cycle time
    • CAPEX
    • OPEX
  • Flexible Architecture to Future Proof the system
  • Reduces Fallout and Trouble Tickets

LitmusT (Intelligent Test Automation Platform)

LitmusT, Intelligent Test Automation Platform is part of Tech Mahindra AQT™ a Single Test Automation Framework with a goal to Simplify and Speed up End-2-End Test Automation Development and form a foundation that will allow IT organization to accelerate their Business Transformation through DevOPS adoption.


  • On-Click Test Management Functions
  • Technology Agnostic and Real Time Monitoring
  • Interfaces for integration with lifecycle tools
  • DevOps/Zero Touch Execution
  • Enabling Continuous Delivery
  • Futuristic Testing Solution (D2E, SAL, OSCAR, Cha.AI)


  • Productivity improvement by 40%
  • Cost Savings over baseline 60%
  • Progression Test Automation 92%
  • Regression Test Automation 95%
  • Reduced Test Cycle Time by 40-45%
  • 100% Re-use of Test Automation across test phases


A web based application that serves as a Process Library, Process Modeler and Event Orchestrator. MuDynamics aligns well with Microservice based architecture, helping in rapid prototyping and reducing the process definition time by 20%.


  • Business Studio-Organization Rollout
  • Business Process Modelling-Orchestration & Choreography
  • Publish Real-time: Design Time to Run time
  • Operational Support


  • Open source based solution
  • Leverages existing APIs and Code
  • Aligns well to the microservice architecture
  • Web Based Application
  • Integrated Design Studio

Phenom : Web Application Development Acceleration

Phenom is a configuration-driven, end-to-end web application platform built by TechM as accelerator for our clients considering the low-code or rapid application development approach. It enables user to visually define their user experience on canvas allowing them to integrate/ configure data model, perform validations and interface with backend services with easy to use palettes.

Its low-code platform has supported enterprises that can bring their applications to life with minimal code effort and at a reasonable cost. By reducing UI development efforts, it also helps enterprises on reducing their IT Spends.


  • Front end micro services
  • Simplified Visual Modelling
  • 1-Click Deployment
  • Open source


  • Reduce IT Spend
  • Improve Time to market
  • Reusable component library
  • Easy & Painless migration
  • Open source technology stack

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