Web 3.0 and Metaverse Services

The future is here!
At Tech Mahindra, we are striving to create a new ecosystem that challenges the economic paradigms of Web 2.0 and revolutionizes the future of the internet by leveraging the Metaverse and Web3-native disruptors. Our approach is comprehensive and involves integrating leading platforms with specialized domain knowledge to create winning solutions that transform the product-price-performance paradigm for our clients. Our offerings are organized into four primary categories: Blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Metaverse, and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).

Tech Mahindra's Innovative Strategy to Lead the Way in Web 3.0

Our objective is to create decentralized, user-centric solutions that empower users to take greater control of their data, privacy, and financial transactions. Our approach fosters a business environment with enhanced transparency, security, and trust in a multiparty ecosystem, benefiting organizations and individuals alike.

Platform Ecosystem

We have conceptualized and developed over 60 best-in-class platforms and solutions across Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse and SSI.

Partner Ecosystem

A well-diversified partner ecosystem with 100+ partners across start-ups, protocol developers, industry associations & consortiums.

Strategic Investments

To retain our foothold in the sphere of Web 3.0 innovation, we have strategic investments in over 15+ high-growth start-ups.

Web & Mobile-first Metaverse

Experience our secure, immersive AR-powered user environment for diverse industrial applications, fostering multiple use cases.

Industry Awards

Winner of 30+ industry awards & part of the leadership quadrant of multiple analyst firms.

Service Offerings

  • Blockchain Services and Platforms
  • NFT Solutions and Marketplace
  • TechMVerse
  • Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

We currently have 25+ Blockchain platforms, 15+ protocol partners and 100+ trained resources.

  • Blockchain Platform As A Service

    We enable cutting-edge blockchain applications through our modular, plug-and-play, and multi-tenant Platform as a service

  • System Integration

    We empower clients to integrate blockchain platforms/services into their native applications such as Supply Chain Management, Loyalty Management, P2P, O2C, etc.

  • Product Development and Professional Services

    We provide domain expertise in deploying blockchains to enable business teams rapidly developed POCs and Proof of Technology.

  • Sandbox Environment

    We encourage blockchain innovation in client organizations using various technology and platform sandboxes

We offer new-age NFT solutions and a customized marketplace with unique and leading features. We have developed one of its kind proprietary Polygon-based marketplace which has plug and play features and is flexible to scale as per our client’s requirements.

At Tech Mahindra, we have combined our core strengths in 5G, AI, and Web 3 to architect absolutely the next level of digital transformation encompassing:

  • Immersive experiences
  • Meta Commerce
  • Metaverse-powered Digital Twins
  • Integrated Spatial computing elements (3D Engines, AR / VR, GIS) with infrastructure elements (5G, Edge, Hardware) to create monetization opportunities & usher in Creator economy

We have adopted a ‘Web-and-Mobile-First’ approach based on Augmented and Mixed Reality and backed by robust infrastructure as foundation

We operate across all 7 layers of Metaverse i.e. Experience, Monetization, Content, Spatial computing, Software + IOT, Human experience interface & Infrastructure.

We offer Web 3.0 decentralized infrastructure – ‘the third generation of the internet’ solutions across industries.

Tech Mahindra assists businesses in reducing identity fraud, saving time and money on client on boarding procedures, and assuring privacy and legal compliance. We deliver a Universal Self sovereign identity management solution that complies with international data regulations and is resistant to cyberattacks thanks to third-generation DLT, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge biometric security.

We have built cutting-edge decentralized identity-based platforms across the verticals like Automotives, Telcos, Media & Entertainment and Banking as well as serving global clients in solving their identity fraud, consent management, preference management and data sharing problems.

Industries We Serve

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Tech Mahindra's innovative BFSI solutions: Meta-bank, cross-border payments, invoice discounting, trade finance, VIN-based tracking, and Stablecoin as Services. Pioneering the industry's transformation.


Tech Mahindra transforms manufacturing industry with digital twins, procure-to-pay, warranty services, and outbound logistics. Streamlining production, optimizing supply chain, efficient claims management, and real-time tracking.

Oil and Gas

Tech Mahindra's blockchain solution streamlines invoice reconciliation in the Oil & Gas industry, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the supply chain.

Healthcare Life Sciences

Tech Mahindra empowers healthcare with blockchain-based patient health records and real-time vaccine tracking, ensuring secure and efficient medical data management.

Communications, Media and Entertainment

Tech Mahindra revolutionizes Communication, Media, and Entertainment with blockchain-based solutions for unsolicited commercial calls and content tracking, ensuring data security and combating piracy.


Tech Mahindra simplifies government processes with blockchain solutions for land titles and vehicle lifecycle management. Streamlining verification, sharing, and management of documents, while enhancing trust, transparency, and access control.


Tech Mahindra enhances retail industry with virtual stores, SKU-level traceability, and freight audit solutions. Optimizing resource productivity, curbing counterfeits, and streamlining invoice management.

Key Platforms

NFT Marketplace

Built on Polygon, Tech Mahindra offers unique NFT marketplace where users can create, sell and buy the NFTs using fiat or crypto.


Tech Mahindra’s metaverse offers immersive and interactive user experience in a digital world.

Vaccine Ledger

Tech Mahindra brings plug and play platform to address the distribution of life saving drugs and vaccines in a compliance and cost-efficient manner.

Blockchain-based Contracts and Rights Management System

Tech Mahindra has stepped up its blockchain initiatives and is helping production houses and content creators through this initiative.

Invoice Discounting and Domestic LC

Invoice Discounting and Domestic LC:

Loan Securitization

This is used to segregate assets and provide a quality score to each to enable investors take informed decisions.

Consent as-a-Service

The customer web application helps individuals and businesses to cite specific preferences for use of data.


The platform helps with supply chains across shipping, freight management, logistics and other sectors.

Everything you Need to Know

Live to Rise

Forbes 50 Blockchain List

The only Indian IT Service company to be listed in the list for 3 consecutive years (2021, 2022, 2023).

Leading the Metaverse Standards Forum

The only Indian GSI and one of the few Global GSI’s in the list.

Global Retail Banking Innovation Award 2022

Winner of Global Retail Banking Innovation Award 2022 for UBI : Meta-Bank Implementation.

Web 3 Summit 2023

Recognized as the Best Metaverse Development Enterprise of the Year by Entrepreneurship India.

Meet Our Leadership

  • Rajesh
    SVP & Global Business Head – Emerging Technology

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