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Women In Leadership

The Women in Technology webinar series began in the summer of 2020 as a way to give back during a difficult time. More importantly, it was also a way to celebrate women empowerment and inspire many through the amazing journeys of women leaders in Technology. Thanks to the enthusiasm and support from attendees and speakers, the series continues now with a new name - Women in Leadership.

Here’s to the women who forged the path, mentored others and have created a voice for those who don’t have a platform!

Featured Quotes

“If you know you deserve better, if you know you are worth more, fight for it!“

- Michelle Sobrino-Stearns

“Sometimes we don’t get the seat at the table, or we don’t get the option to walk in through the front door. That’s okay because there are other ways to get in by finding that opportunity and making your voice heard.”

- Leanne Loombe

“Success and fulfillment don’t need to be mutually exclusive. We can feel full if we are honoring our truth and wearing our title of the Chief Soul Officer in addition to all the other titles you carry in life. It will help remind you that success really is on our own terms, and it starts from the inside out.”

- Shelley Paxton

“A mistake we make is thinking that genius isn’t absolute. Either you have it or you don’t. Genius changes in how your story gets told and in who tells the story. Genius needs to be nurtured, encouraged and recognized.”

- Janice Kaplan

“Will I wish I would have tried. This is my guiding star. If I answer I will regret not trying, then I do it. I sometime fail but I never look back with any regrets.”

- Denise Horton

“Life isn’t given. Being grateful isn’t just an emotion and feeling, but it’s an intention, commitment and an action. So, take what you need but also give back as much as you can and make other’s feel grateful as well.”

- Jezzibell Gilmore

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”

- Deborah Newman


Featured Speakers

MD, Consumer CIO Digital, BT
Chief Digital & IT Officer, Proximus
Global Delivery Head for Telefónica account, Tech Mahindra
Debbie Menin
VP, Communications, Media & Entertainment Tech Mahindra
Christina Aguilera
Head of Technology Workflow & Strategy
Amazon Studio & President WiTH (Women in Technology Hollywood)
Nicole Little
Head of Anti-Piracy Strategy & Technology
Prime Video & Amazon Studios
Andrea Chin
Executive Director
Ingram Micro
Deepali Deepak
AVP, Communications, Media & Entertainment Tech Mahindra
Karoona Ramah
Head of Digital & IT Delivery, Vodafone UK
Sandra Lau
SVP, HR technology & service solutions, Comcast
Preeti Monga
Founder & CEO, Silver Linings Trust
Pooja Lamba
VP / Director – British Telecom Global Delivery Capability
Divya Kiran
Head of Human Resources, Rakuten Symphony India
Shannon Bell
Senior VP, Information Technology, Rogers Communications
Christi Marrufo
VP, Knowledge Management & Collaboration Solutions, Applied Materials
Jeralyn Quintin
VP People and Rewards, MediaKind
Annie Chang
VP, Creative Technologies, Universal Pictures
Ilyanne Morden Kichaven
Former Executive Director, Los Angeles, SAG-AFTRA
Cheryl Idell
VP, Consumer Insights, Netflix
Barbara Marshall
Industry Strategy & Marketing, M&E, HP
Marcie Jastrow
Chief Revenue Officer, Evercast Formerly at Technicolor
Nanea Reeves
CEO, Co-Founder, TRIPP, Inc.
Anna Lee
Chief Strategy Officer, Deluxe
Kate Hopkins
Vice President - Data Platform, AT&T
Neena Budhiraja
Senior Product Manager, Google
Maanya Madan
Founder, NGO - Mere Karma Foundation. Young Philanthropist
Aditi Mohan
Young Director, Knitted Knockers. Young Philanthropist
Gerry Byrne
Vice Chairman, PMC (Penske Media Corp)
Michelle Sobrino-Stearns
President & Group Publisher, Variety, Penske Media Corp
Alexandra Pastore
Market Editor, Strategic Content Development,
WWD/ Fairchild Media Group, Penske Media Corp.
Leanne Loombe
Head of Studio & Executive Producer, Riot Forge
Katie Canelo
Senior Manager, IT, Epic Games
Karla Reyes
Product Manager at Niantic
Laurie Arron
Executive Coach and Trusted Advisor, Chief Operating Officer,
Soulbbatical. Former Chief of staff at AT&T
Shelley Paxton
Transformational Coach, Speaker and Author.
Founder and Chief Soul Officer,
Soulbbatical Former CMO of Harley Davidson
Adrienne Gary
Chief HR Officer (Former Miramax, Global Rod Ent., FOX & Warner Bros.)
Mimi Slavin
Marketing Executive, Former - Dreamworks, Warner Bros., Nestle
Kathy Mandato
Chief HR Officer (Former Warner Media, NBC Universal and Dreamworks Animation)
Amita Tomkoria
Senior Director – Investor Relations, Activision Blizzard
Kate Edwards
Executive Director, Global Game Jam & CEO, Geogrify
Poornima Seetharaman
Lead Game Designer, Zynga
Janice Kaplan
New York Times Best Selling Author and Executive Producer
Kristen Wright
Senior Director, Research & Open Innovation, Cisco
Denise Horton
Founder & CEO, TowwnMedia | Formerly at Comcast.
Jezzibell Gilmore
Co-Founder & CIO, PacketFabric
Vinita Venkatesh
Woman of Influence 2020, Silicon Valley Business Journal
Katie Nittler
Senior Partner Global Business Services, IBM
Andrea Austim
VP, Sales, Nokia Software
Deborah Newman
National M&E leader, Grant Thornton
Azita Arvani
General Manager, Rakuten Mobiles Americas
Nida Fazli
Head of Business Programs, WhatsApp
Colleen Powell
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at American Tower
Caroline Chan
VP and GM, 5G Infrastructure Division, Network Platform Group, Intel
Laurel Fontana
Technical Lead Manager, Meta Connectivity


Debbie Menin
(Curator and & Moderator)
Vice President, Media & Entertainment
Tech Mahindra
Sumit Grover
Senior Vice President, Communications, Media & Entertainment
Tech Mahindra

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