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To overcome traditional problems of visibility across plant and enterprise, inability to increase throughput, production velocity, quality and uptime across operations, contemporary manufacturers are adopting new plant architectures that enable a portfolio of enhanced and new capabilities. These include new plant networks that converge operational technologies (OT) with IT, increasing visibility and intelligence within operations and across the global supply chain.

Also, network convergence with machine connectivity will help manufacturers address different challenges including minimizing supply chain disruptions, making manufacturing more adaptive, boosting asset utilization, better traceability and improving quality. Greater manufacturing visibility will also help the enterprise to improve labor utilization as well as product quality.

Tech Mahindra’s Factory of Future portfolio ensures a robust integrated automation and control layer with manufacturing execution systems and business systems which has a consistent performance. The Factory of Future solution is adaptive to manufacturers needs and support the current and future business needs of manufacturers. It meets both business IT and operational technology requirement in a highly reliable and integrated platform. Key services for Factory of Future solutions are:

1. Strategic Assessment and Analysis

2. MES Study and Recommendations

3. Architecture and Technical solution Assessment

4. Plant Floor Control Network Assessment

5. Deployment Services

6. Technical Services

7. Support and Maintenance

Tech Mahindra Offerings

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

MI (Manufacturing Intelligence)

Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) consists of the framework of integrated software and services that brings in manufacturing data from disparate sources together for reporting, analysis, creating dashboard  and synchronizing data between enterprise-level and plant floor systems, in short it’s a way to turn data into real knowledge and hence use that in effective decision making.

EMI can be used at the plant level to improve operational visibility and synchronize data between the plant floor and enterprise systems. Also, the technology can be used at the global enterprise level to benchmark and visualize. Manufacturing is becoming of more and more strategic value to customers and as manufacturing indicators are added to corporate agendas, companies will increase EMI technology deployment to improve productivity and the bottom line. TechMahindra have expertise in following but not limited to product: Oracle-MOC, SAP-MII, BO

We offer the following services in the EMI:

  • Product Evaluation
  • SAP MII Implementation & Support
  • Oracle MOC Implementation & Support
  • BO Implementation and Support

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Factory of Future

Factory of Future
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