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Public Budgeting Formulation


The estimates of revenue / income and expenditure for a set period of future time - Financial year, quarter or project based is carried out across the globe. Budgeting in the government sector is far more complex and needs to align to regulations, providing transparency and agility. In the present era of tight economic conditions and increasing regulatory demands budgeting it is not easy to manage public fund without apt Public Budget Formulation (PBF) solution.


We at Tech Mahindra understand complexity in budgeting for public fund and administrative challenges.

This Web-based solution helps to support your entire organization and integrates with both SAP and non-SAP software to address your unique budget formulation requirements.

Tech Mahindra has implemented end to end PBF solution at large government agency and with this we are proud to inform that we are one of the few Vendor experienced in the successful implementation of SAP PBF project.


Key business benefits

  • Mature and automated budget process as per public sector budget design best practices using SAP Public Budget Formulation (PBF)
  • Ease at migrating legacy Budget Control System implementing tighter budget control
  • Provision to control budget at the Division Level (Cost center) level
  • Centralized view of the data for enterprise reporting. Automated effective reporting system using Business Objects
  • Transparent & Integrated planning and monitoring system

Value Proposition PBF solution

  • Centralized integrated budget formulation, monitoring & reporting system
  • No patchwork that makes the process more difficult
  • Budget reporting and analysis become accurate and easy
  • The Budget Book Publication automated by the integration of SAP PBF solution
  • Customized Dashboards and analytical Reports
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