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Decoding the Banking Metaverse

The metaverse gives us a unique capability to bring to life an inanimate world—a world where we can create sustainable solutions for customers and businesses. We believe that the metaverse will help banks improve their CX by providing an interactive and immersive experience. As the metaverse evolves, customers will look forward to partnering with solution providers who can present a comprehensive range of offerings covering all seven layers.

7 Layers of The Metaverse

The metaverse will help banks improve CX by providing an interactive and immersive experience enabled by a comprehensive range of offerings covering all seven layers:

  1. Infrastructure: 5G, WiFi, Edge, Hardware
  2. Experience Interface: Mobile, Smart glasses, Haptic, Voice, Neural
  3. Software and IoT: Edge Compute, AI Agents, Blockchain
  4. Spatial Computing: 3D Engines, AR/VR, GIS
  5. Content: Creator Economy: Design Tools, Asset Market, Commerce, NFTs
  6. Monetization: Advertising, Commerce, Marketplaces, Stores, Agents
  7. Experience: Games, Shopping, Social, Retail

Our Offerings


We create lookalike avatars along with imaginary ones to enable a personalized experience.

Meta Environment Development

We create an entire meta world with intricate details either as digital twins or imagined worlds.

NFT Marketplace

We develop and support marketplaces to create, buy, and sell NFTs.

Gaming Guilds

We support and nurture gaming communities along with enterprise-wide community solutions.  

Web3 Services

Our Web 3.0 competency covers DLT technologies and related use cases.

Meta Content Management Services

Our content management services are supported by a digital studio for storyboarding, creative design, and development services.

Support Services

We offer complete support services that cover managed technology and business operations.

Engineering and 5G Optimization Services

Our core services for 5G optimization help you manage and maintain environments as well as enable networks. 

Finishing School

We support metaverse ecosystems with trained resources for Unity, Unreal, Roblox, Maya, Autodesk, etc.

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