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Introducing Seamless Digital CX

Traditional insurance sales and distribution methods are being replaced with a multi-channel approach focusing on the digital customer journey. Customers now want 24/7 product availability and self-service features. While Brokers, TPAs, and agents continue to deliver value, they are challenged to scale their businesses and leverage analytics to hyper-personalize the customer experience.

Our Services

CX Transformation

We offer digital distribution and CX transformation in two ways:

  • Through our platforms aimed at the digital distribution
  • Bespoke development and advisory services to enhance customer experiences through our subsidiary CX agencies including BORN XDS, MadPow, Bio Agency, and other globally-recognized design firms.
Distribution and Engagement Platform

We offer a digital distribution and customer engagement platform that brings InsurTech unicorns’ levels of customer experience and digital automation to the rest of the 99% of the market, enabling insurance companies to become digital insurers 

Key Functionalities
  • Digital insurance store - Chat with your assistant anytime, Anywhere
  • Digital personal assistant - Instantly purchase and customize any insurance product
  • Mobile comparison purchase
  • Smart mobile wallet - All important information available at a glance

Key Features

Mobile-first, Omni-channel, Personalized, Proactive, Intelligent, Contextual, Conversational, Needs-based, Automated, Advisor Assistant

Our Solutions

Solution Highlights
  • Best in breed capabilities from both core system and low no code platform perspective.  
  • Provides sophisticated core system with enhanced customer experience along with easier integration with customer sales journey and underwriting processes
  • The platform can be easily integrated with existing core systems and can also be leveraged as a Low code no code platform with deep insurance capabilities
  • Attract new customers with modern digital experience; and reduce customer acquisition and servicing costs and increase revenue per customer
  • All customer insurance policies in a mobile, digital wallet
  • Provide customer access to a digital store with all insurance products in one place
  • Easily onboard existing customer insurance portfolios for further automated analysis and optimization
  • Personalized and highly targeted offers based on the comprehensive customer profiles
Solution Benefits For Insurers
  • Digital insurance accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Clear, concise and easy shopping for insurance
  • Easy insurance product customization and switching
  • Smart insurance products: car, cyber, home/contents, life/health
  • Intelligent user engagement and retention
  • PSD2 / open banking integration
  • Automated insurance onboarding
Solution Benefits For Intermediaries
  • Enables them to become Digital insurance marketplace Amazon of Insurance”
  • Brokers can approach their business customers and employees to promote the digital insurance broker services
  • Upselling revenues with no / minimal effort & investments and expanding the business portfolio without expanding staff scope
  • Increasing profitability of existing portfolio along with lower administration costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction & retention

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