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Competition for Audience Attention

The increased competition for audience attention, especially in the OTT space means operational costs need to be drastically reduced. This can be done by leveraging Tech Mahindra’s AI driven media solutions, Cloud and Blockchain workflows whilst unlocking new revenue streams from the existing content supply chain.


Our Team

Leaders in Tech & Management

Tech M’s video engineering services span the entire content supply chain from planning and pre-production through to distribution and monetization across platforms like OTT, Satellite, Cable, and Terrestrial, including ATSC 3.0 and IPTV. All solution design, architecture, and delivery are done by a team of highly experienced M&E industry practitioners. Our team is composed of technology and management leaders from the world’s leading news, entertainment, PayTV, and print organizations. 

Solution Benefits

  • 40% in opex savings for OTT providers by deploying the MVSP storage solution
  • Reduced subscriber churn by deploying AI driven metadata extraction
  • Faster GTM with our white-labelled OTT Platform as a Service
  • Increased revenues with the white labelled B2B Content marketplace

Our Services

OTT as a Service

Enables customers to rapidly deploy an end-to-end OTT platform for Live and VoD, including Ingestion, Transcoding, Streaming, Packaging, Analytics, and custom-designed mobile apps.

AI-powered Video Creation

Our AI solutions allow for video creation and metadata extraction at scale with unprecedented accuracy and quality. This frees up valuable human editorial resources to perform higher-order tasks.

24x7 NoC

Reduces OpEx for OTT providers and increases availability with end-to-end network monitoring and code deployment.

AI-driven Metadata Extraction

Enables monetization, personalization & content discovery by extracting highly detailed and accurate metadata from live video, VoD, images, audio, and text.

Content Marketplace

Enables monetization of existing content through a white-labelled content commerce platform for images and videos.

LLMs for Content Creators

We fine-tune LLMs and integrate them into content pipeline operations for our customers using their own media organization's content and operational data. This enables teams to run queries and orchestrate tasks that drastically improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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