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Aircraft Health Management System

Business Overview

We developed a consolidated aircraft ground support system that integrates advanced data analytics modules. This system will be used by an aircraft manufacturing major to provide state-of-the-art support services. The system aims to improve the overall efficiency and safety of ground handling operations while also reducing operational costs.



Approach & Solutions

Real-Time Health Monitor

We helped develop a IoT platform for real-time health monitoring of 5000 concurrent and up to 10,000 parameters.

Integrated Analytics Platform

We built an integrated analytics platform for OEM, MRO, and airlines.

Monitoring Solutions

We created condition-based monitoring solution for key aircraft systems.

Impacts & Highlights

Increased Aircraft Availability

The implementation of the new Aircraft Ground Support System resulted in a 20-25% improvement in aircraft availability, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Maintenance Efficiency

The new system led to a 17% improvement in the first time fix rate, reducing aircraft maintenance delays and improving customer satisfaction.