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Asset Predictive Maintenance

Business Overview

The client had a growing need for a data analysis tool for shop floor asset performance, measurability, and prediction failure occurrence.


As unforeseen equipment failures lead to reduced component life and significant revenue loss to the operators, Shop floor operators need a superlative diagnostic tool with statistical process control and data analytics capabilities.

Our Solution

Failure Prediction Techniques

We use supervised learning techniques to predict failure occurrence through failure prediction techniques.

Dual Predictor Classification

Dual predictor classification employs classification algorithms for both predictors.

Optimized Model Deployment

We ensure that the best model is deployed using deep diagnostics.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Our exploratory data analysis includes analyzing data statistics, variable importance, and principle component analysis to gain insights.



Failure Prediction

Failure Prediction in the given time period

Efficiency Gains

18% saving in cost & time

Less Maintenance Downtime

10% reduction in unscheduled maintenance