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Changi Airport Group

About the Customer

Changi Airport Group (CAG), the world’s leading airport company, manages and operates the world’s most-awarded airport. CAG hosts over 70 million passengers annually, with 500 brands stretched across 4 terminals. The group is on a mission to transform the eCommerce experience for travelers and locals alike.


BORN needed to design an online experience similar to the unique experience CAG co-creates with brands. The stores within the airport operate with lean inventory. This challenge became the pillar of the transformation—creating a single view across stores to show real-time inventory.

Business Overview

An omnichannel experience by BORN

Changi Airport approached BORN Group, an agency within Tech Mahindra XDS, to design a valuable offline and online experience that would meet busy travelers’ needs. An omnichannel experience provides the best of both worlds, enhancing the sensory experience in stores and providing convenience online.


BORN implemented a future-ready omnichannel shopping experience to provide flexibility and scalability. BORN’s solutions established Changi Airport Group’s position as a dominant market leader.

Approach & Solution

Flexible Solution for Discerning Customers

Millions of travelers across the globe would need to access the site and expect features such as split-payment in multiple currencies, speedy checkouts, the option to collect at departure/arrival gate, concierge services, and more.

Exclusive Perks

Customers are treated to special perks while shopping online, such as duty-free prices and the ability to earn rewards.

Seamless Shopping

We prioritized showing only the most relevant information to simplify the customer journey, showcasing easy ways they can complete their purchase.


Impact & Highlights

Platform Selection

Mirakl served as the marketplace platform and Fluent Commerce OMS provided real-time inventory across stores and warehouses. SAP Commerce stitched all of these layers together seamlessly.

Digital Tranformation

The website marked one of the biggest digital transformations in South East Asia, featuring marquee brands within the Beauty, Electronics, Fashion, Food, Wine & Spirits, Travel & Health categories.