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CI/CD Excellence

Business Overview

Tech Mahindra's CI/CD excellence is a key factor in its ability to deliver high-quality software solutions to its clients. 


Their current CI/CD pipeline was severely unstable, which led to inefficient development and integration. This pipeline’s highly-coupled microservices templates were incompatible with any other microservice template.

Approach & Solution

To reinforce our client’s CI/CD pipeline, our team was able to leverage their CI/CD expertise to support our client’s developers by pushing code through the pipeline and addressing problem areas in their program development of an enhanced operating model (supported by complemented Workforce Management planning). The team was successful in:

Streamlining Test Environment

Facilitating the provisioning of the testing environment to ensure the tests ran correctly.

Developer-Centric Deployment

Creating a new application deployment pattern where developers provide their own containerized application.

Modular Terraform Infrastructure

Leveraging Terraform for state-managed infrastructure provisioning, using modular components for increased flexibility.

Containerized Build Environment

Compiling the application within a Docker container to reduce build agent contamination.

Business Benefit

Stable Deployment Pipeline

Increased stability in the pipeline to allow for easier integration and deployment of projects

Flexible Deployment Strategy

Increased integration and deployment efficiency through the creation of a flexible application deployment pattern

Simplified CI/CD Solution

Established a working MVP solution of a new CI/CD pattern with significantly reduced complexity compared to the existing pattern whilst maintaining feature parity