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Cloud Commercial

Business Benefit

Cost analysis of Serverless and containers has considerably lowered the potential spend for running all the Service Engines.

Patterns being developed are defined for reusability and scale as cloud capability matures. (i.e., pivoting Lambdas to Fargate to a potential future state of leveraging off EKS).


The client's cloud migration drives the search for the optimal solution. Digi Route evaluates AWS Lambda or AWS ECS for fit, cost, and commercial benefits in their Technology & Service cloud evaluation, considering workload, service usage, and application traffic.


Solution & Approach

Serverless vs Containers

Technology evaluation (Serverless vs Containers) - fit for purpose assessment for the workload. AWS Lambda or AWS ECS ec2launch type/Fargate

Full Lifecycle TCO

Identified Total Cost of Ownership calculation - Run and build component of the asset from dev to prod including CI/CD pipeline

Cost Projection Analysis

Develop Cost projection for Lambda and Containers based on current application traffic profile for all Service Engines.

Microservice Auth Design

The guided design solution for Authorization & Authentication of the microservices architecture.

Microservice Validation Project

Breaking down current Service Engines into microservices and validating proposed solutions for helping turn the application to async from synchronous form.

ECS Cluster Blueprint

Built pattern for deploying ECS clusters

ECS to EKS: Seeding Migration

Seeding way to migrate from ECS to EKS to solve the problem of Service mesh, service discovery & registry.