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Digital Transformation for One of the World's Leading Life Insurance Companies

Business Overview

A diversified global client servicing around 20 million customers across US & Asia (with operations in 10 countries), involving 22+ local business units across Asia and the US was betting on revolutionizing the network architecture, by virtualizing the network core and access functions.


To simplify estate and create the next wave of run / change efficiency, the vision involved an accelerated Digital transformation through OPEX Optimization.

Approach & Solution

Accelerate Digital Transformation

We provided vested model with part of savings infused as upfront cash commitment to accelerate digital transformation.

OpEx Savings

We implemented OpEx savings by utility-based pricing model (environment as a service “EaaS”) with committed YoY productivity.

CapEx Savings

We enabled CapEx reduction by novating OEM contracts and managing captive centers.

Digital Innovation Fund

We created joint digital innovation fund that can be jointly managed for digital transformation (AI ops).

Faster Go-to-market

We helped with the strategy to accelerate the adoption of public cloud, operationalize a digital factory of the future, enable faster go-to-market for products and features, and modernize applications and develop cloud-native applications to facilitate changes.

Impact & Highlights

Reducing IT Ops Costs

Around 20% reduction in IT Operations Cost.

Funding Digital Revolution

Savings from the deal to fund the digital transformation journey.

Modernization Limits Risk

No risk of reskilling / redundancies/ layoffs as the estate gets modernized.

Growth Focus Deals

Estate refresh included in the deal term.

Diverse Labour Pool

Access to diverse and low-cost labour pool.

Focus on Driving Transformation

Operational complexity of legacy transferred to Tech Mahindra so that the client's IT leadership can focus on driving transformation news.