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Factory of the Future at Greenfield Automotive Plant

Business Overview

The client is one of the leading Indian multinational car manufacturing corporations. They're considered a pioneer in tractor manufacturing and the largest vehicle manufacturer with a conglomerate split across 9 segments across the globe.


The client needed end-to-end IT, digital manufacturing, and automation implementation.


We ensured the timely delivery and execution of all the business requirements with scalable and adaptable solutions.

Digital Manufacturing & Simulation
  • Implemented a $40 million complex MES & IT system for 20 shops across 230 acres Greenfield site, complete with fiber, wireless & MPLS cloud to support 20 large shops spread across 700 acres. 
  • Seamless implementation of live operations by BOM Management, Factory 3-D Layouts, and Logistics Planning.
Robotics & CNC Machines
  • Integrated SCM, JIT & JIS for assembly
  • Production monitoring and error proofing
Network Architecture

Leveraged modern network architecture and enabled the Internet of Things for more flexible and efficient production.

Impact & Highlights

Equipment Procurement Acceleration

Reduction in lead time to procure plant equipment, leading to accelerated production ramp up.

Capex Reduction Tools

Implemented digital tools to assist the plant in reducing capex by 15% with plant simulation and 3-D.

Ultra-Fast Redundancy

High availability, determinism & redundancy with less than 100ms response determinism guaranteed.

Tool Reuse Optimization

Increased re-use of manufacturing tools for simulation studies.

Optimized Production Efficiency

Maximized production resource utilization and throughput.