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Financing and Real-estate

Business Overview

A leading bank in Australia & Real-estate client formed a strategic partnership to enable a market first digital integration permitting loan product approvals for property purchases via Australia’s largest online real-estate website.

Solution & Approach

Our team was pivotal in working with the Bank and the Real-estate teams. We supported the Design, Build, and testing of the business & technology integration layer to source data for straight-through processing via the online channel.

Efficient Approval Processing

The solution facilitated straight through processing for immediate response & approval.

Streamlined Application Experience.

Enhanced CX for online application with support for intuitive form pre-population & population of customer data through authenticated channels

Unified Product Support

Integration of a cross platform chat-client to support queries for products

Business Benefit

Boosted Application Rate

Increase customer product applications

Elevated UI Experience

Increase customer experience & uplift UI framework to React

Revolutionary Property Experience

Enable a market first customer experience for property seekers