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Global Leader in Food and Beverage


The client is a global leader in food, beverage and wellness with an annual revenue of 94 B. The client was primarily present in powdered and liquid beverages, water, milk products ice cream, nutrition, prepared dishes and cooking aids, confectionery, petcare and pharmaceutical products

Business Objectives

Client wanted to standardize their services i.e. provisioning of their service through service catalogue along with a focused demand management through process harmonization. They also wanted to reduce costs and turnaround time through automation and optimization in their manual processes. Lastly, client wanted to enhance brand image and direct to consumer offerings through hyper personalization.

Services & Solutions

Direct 2 Customer

Built Customer Experience Strategy and Direct 2 customer offerings with Hyper personalization

POD Based Application Development

POD Based Application Development and Management Services for 200+ Applications including Digital Supply Chain (SAP EWM, TM, APO), Digital Marketing (Salesforce, Adobe), Digital Finance (SAP, Hyperion), Manufacturing, Analytics (SAP BI) etc.


Value Delivered

Cost Reduction Strategy

30% Cost reduction

Improved resolve time

90% Reduction in mean time to resolve tickets

Automation in service

15% Automation based ticket resolutions

Continuous Improvement Initiative

50% reduction in cycle time to deliver MVP

Robust Service Management

24k Tickets resolved Annually