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Inspired Education Group (IEG)

About Us


Inspired is one of the world’s largest and most innovative education groups, with over 80 premium private schools spanning 5 continents. Inspired provides proven excellence in premium education to over 70,000 students worldwide from 1 to 18 years of age.


  • Engineer a global reference architecture.  
  • Create an easy-to-use CMS system for simple, on-site editing and projects including page changes, running marketing campaigns, new content edits, and SEO updates. 
  • Design over 17 master wireframes and templates for use within


The deliverables must be created, managed, supported and simultaneously launched for six separate site versions in multiple languages.


BORN used Drupal and its Lightning Accelerators to create a ‘master site profile, ensuring the website could easily be built with future growth in mind. The site was built with multiple view/display modes & modularity to ensure the following: 

Lowering Maintenance Costs

Reduction of maintenance costs over time.

Exceptional Site Features

Best-in-class site features and functions.

Optimizing Site Performance

Best-in-class SEO, user experience, accessibility, and analytics.

SSO Integration Benefits

Integrated ‘ISAMS’ SSO logins to share sessions between the Inspired School website and ISAMS MIS portal.

Streamlined ManageBac Integration

Added integrations to allow seamless navigation from the Inspired School website to ‘ManageBac.’

Multi-Platform Language Support

Set up a base platform configuration for multisite and multi-language support.