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Inventory Management


As increasing inventories in factories resulted in poor material visibility and subsequent production line delays, Tech Mahindra foresaw the implementation of real-time location and inventory tracking solutions at our client locations to manage their high-value assets.

Approach & Solution

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Keep track of assets in real-time to enhance operational efficiency and reduce losses.

Cloud-Based Real-Time Data Processing

Process data in real-time through the cloud to improve scalability, reliability, and accessibility of data.

Scalable and Location-Aware Platform

The platform is scalable and location-aware, providing a flexible solution for tracking and managing assets.

Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning

Use machine learning to deliver predictive analytics, enabling better decision-making and optimizing operations.

Impact & Highlights

0 Cap-Ex & Monthly Subscriptions

No upfront capital expenditure required, with monthly subscription options available.

Highly Customizable Logics & Alerts

Customizable logics and alerts provide tailored notifications to improve efficiency and productivity.

Significant Cost Improvement

Significant cost improvements compared to RFID solutions.