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Nex-Gen TechPubs

Business Overview

Next-gen tech publishing necessitated new technologies to meet the rising demand for cloud-based and mobile access to technical documents with S1000 specifications. With the emergence of cloud and mobile devices, users have sought easily accessible immersive 3D and interactive content from any location. This drove the need for user-friendly tech publishing solutions offering seamless technical documentation access.

Transformation Strategy

As technology leapfrogged towards multi-channel immersive end-user experiences, Tech Mahindra conceptualized the NexGen Technical publication to usher a new age of content management process.


Our Solution

Integrated Format Manuals

Our integrated format manuals provide manuals in the chosen format, media, and form factor to make them more accessible and user-friendly.

Integrated Work Management

Our Integrated Work Management includes integrated material requests, sub-con-work orders, and other relevant data to streamline workflow and optimize performance.

Global Publishing Solutions

We provide global multi-language and multi-channel publishing support through our global publishing solutions.


Multiformat Tech Support

20+ types of different tech manuals Support

Cost-Cutting Success

30% Cost reduction

Optimal First-Time Accuracy

98% First time right achieved (Accuracy)

Handheld 3D Immersion

3D Immersive & accessed using hand-held devices