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Predictive Maintenance for a Leading Electric Motors Company

Business Overview

Japanese manufacturer of electric motors whose products are found in electric appliances, hard-disk drives, automobiles, and commercial and manufacturing equipment.



The goal of conducting an Industry 4.0 assessment is to address two specific areas: the cost of maintenance and the local team's turnaround time for troubleshooting, as well as the availability gaps for customers caused by slow communication and action between different geographies.

Approach & Solution

Tech Mahindra helped the customer using predictive maintenance, this included:

Unidirectional Data Collection

One-way data acquisition system

Fast Secure Streaming

Secure, high-speed data stream

Efficient Affiliate Communication

Rapid communication to affiliates on issues and diagnosis

Equipment Monitoring

Sensor and machine level monitoring

Preemptive Anomaly Detection

Early warning of anomalies

Custom Sensor Kit

The battery powered custom wireless sensor kit measures equipment vibration (both H&V), temperature, voltage and current.

Cloud Data Analysis

In the cloud, the data gets aggregated, stored, analyzed and visualized using an intuitive, user-friendly web interface.


Technologies used – Microsoft Azure, QilckView


Key Outcomes

Browser Based Data Access

Data can be accessed anytime from anywhere using a browser on a web-enabled device

Remote Equipment Optimization

Increased equipment efficiency by remote monitoring and management

Seamless Remote Troubleshooting

Reduced business disruption due to remote troubleshooting