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Successful APM Implementation for Tier 1 Telco in UK

Business Overview

As one of the largest providers of telecom services in the UK, the client's legacy tech stack faced several production issues, particularly with capacity limitations and frequent unavailability of business services.


The client's heterogeneous architecture made it challenging to identify the root cause of performance problems in production, ensure the performance of SaaS/PaaS-based applications, and determine which business services were impacting performance.

Strategy & Implementation

Implementing Full-stack App Monitoring

Implementing and Instrumenting full stack application performance monitoring. Various patterns such as agent-based, log monitoring, synthetic monitoring, agentless, SDK plug-in development, etc used to implement application monitoring solutions in diversified environments.

Gathering Performance Metrics

The performance metrics include historic trends, correlated diverse factors, and performance, consumption, or error rate changes. Major aspects for finding problems at code, application, service, or host level solutions provide bolt-on or ground-up security for organizations transitioning to a cloud environment.

Analyzing Performance Metrics Data

Analyzing the performance metrics data to understand the insights of the complete IT Platform allows us to run applications at their maximum performance and led to quick findings regarding potential problems.

Creating Dashboards

Visualizing by creating dashboards to troubleshoot issues or give a summary of the state of applications and resources. Dashboards allow you to accurately monitor incidents and support successful business transactions.

Alerting Anomalies

Alerting anomalies to actively manage while relying on the passive monitoring of the software to watch for changing conditions. The use of filtering rules based on severities and application/host group tags provides a powerful mechanism for routing and filtering problem alerts and sent to the right support team.




Business Benefits
TechM provides more than 15 years of matured delivery excellence in APM and large-scale implementation experience.

  • Automated DevOps deployment tool scripts/templates
  • Experience in Dev-Test-Production performance evaluation, performance monitoring (24X7), performance profiling, Root cause analysis & recommendations
  • 200+ Pool of Certified experts proficient in APM tools like Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Ca & HP Trained, Keynote, and Splunk

TechM Advantage

Expertise in implementing high quality performance testing solutions
Experience in deep dive analysis
Experience in delivering value-based solutions

Impact & Highlights

Implementation Highlights

  • APM Implementation and PROD APM Service Management
  • Analysis of the complete application stack performance aspects effectively at the QA stage.
  • Performance assurance of IT, Network, Database, Logs, Real User experience, and stage.
  • Business transactions monitoring by tagging services and processes
  • Architecture performance validation
  • Automated dependency mapping and baselining, anomaly detection, and RCA


  • Reduction in high-priority incidents (P1 & P2) via close liaison with key stakeholders and raising awareness.
  • Availability of business-critical applications improved from 95% to 99.95%
  • Above 50% decrease in Mean Time to Repair anomalies with the help of automated RCA
  • KPI optimizations helped reduce False problem alerts significantly, which in turn reduced Operational costs.