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Supply Chain Management

Business Overview

In the globalized economy, large organizations source the input materials/ part assembles across the word leading to a complex supply chain; Tech Mahindra has conceptualized and streamlined the operations of the OEM across multiple geographies and vendors.



Approach & Solution

Comprehensive Vendor Evaluation

Our vendor capability and production readiness evaluation ensures that our clients work only with vendors who are capable of meeting their requirements and are ready to deliver high-quality products or services within the given timelines.

Effective Vendor Management

We validate vendor manufacturing processes and provide status reporting to ensure effective vendor management, enabling our clients to monitor vendor performance and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Streamlined Supplier Management

Our chronic supplier management services help our clients manage their suppliers more efficiently, minimizing supply chain disruptions, and ensuring timely delivery of goods or services.

Impacts & Highlights

Cost Optimization

10% savings through resource cost optimization.

Supplier Rationalizing

25-30% savings achieved through Supplier rationalizing.

Shorter Production Lead Time

20% reduction in Production lead time.