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Treasury Transformation For A Large Regional Bank


A leading regional bank looked to enhance corporate onboarding efficiency by leveraging their payment hub investment and streamline all treasury payments. Tech Mahindra helped result in a 40% increase in two weeks.


The challenge was to streamline corporate client onboarding and provide a seamless and frictionless payment solution. 

Approach & Solution

Transform Hub is our plug and play corporate payment file transformation solution. Regardless of the files formats, they undergo a proprietary transformation process that validates-enriches-routes the information into the bank’s preferred payment system file format. Our services include: 

Intuitive UI Design

Establish an intuitive user interface and dashboard for operations metrics.

Support Multiple Formats

Establish an interface with multiple file formats from various ERP systems, and create new / edit existing mappers.

File Transformations

Easily manage corporate client specific file transformations.

Simple Processing

Achieve straight through processing and reduce operational costs.

Real-Time Queue Management

Tracking and managing queue status in real time. 

Impact & Highlights

Reduced Onboarding Time

Average corporate client onboarding time was reduced to under a week for setting up payments time taken to complete an E2E application was reduced to 30 minutes from 30 days earlier.

Enhanced Productivity

A unified solution that reduced complexity and enhanced productivity for client engagement teams—95% of customers would use the mortgage application and recommend it to a friend/family member.

Scalable Solution

A single instance solution with in-built redundancies and scalability to manage high volumes.