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Analytics Platfrom for Operationalising Machine Learing

Data science is shaping modern businesses into data-driven organisations, with data at the epicenter of boosted profits, saved costs, and industry disruption. Handling and managing Big Data has emerged as a key modern competitive advantage. Hence, having and maintaining a proper analytics platform is crucial for the development and growth of an organisation. But managing and analyzing all that data comes at a cost. Advanced analytics and machine learning projects only show benefits when put into production operation.

Modern Organisations are looking to build a platform that can facilitate operationalising advanced analytics, including machine learning, and build deeper predictive analytics into their products & services.

Join us for a discussion where industry speakers from Philips, Micro Focus & Tech Mahindra will present the intricacies of establishing an analytics platform that can build a culture of advanced big data analytics that help successfully operationalise machine learning:

  • How to identify the right fit analytics platforms to support ML
  • How to systematically productize machine learning & deploy analytical insights
  • The skills and resources needed for successfully setting up an analytics
  • The maintainability and scalability challenges
  • Recommendations for data and analytics leaders
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Wednesday, 17 June 2020