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Future of Silicon Valley

For decades, Silicon Valley has prospered and existed as the epicenter of global technology innovation. It has benefited from an alignment of multiple advantages – Availability of cheap capital, Benign regulatory environment and a Unique Culture that made innovation happen.

However, things are changing. In spite of sky rocketing valuations, there are cracks developing as we have seen from businesses and talent exodus happening in the recent past. Tech giants making long-term commitments to remote work could accelerate a move to cheaper locations. Homelessness, increased cost of living are dampeners to quality of life.

Join us to understand the future of the Silicon Valley as the panelists discuss the potential scenarios emerging for the region from the crisis.

Key takeaways:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Silicon Valley
  • What can the region do to help stop the exodus of enterprises & entrepreneurs
  • What are the potential short to longer term scenarios for the region
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Our Speakers

Meg Whitman

Jim Wunderman

CEO, Bay Area Council

Harshul Asnani

SVP & Business Head - Technology Business & West Coast, Tech Mahindra

Rahul Bhuman

Head - AI Business & Strategy, Tech Mahindra


Thursday, 04 March 2021