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FXpress Houston: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Theme: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Data is the NEW OIL that empowers and enlightens the digital economy. From strategic decision-making to driving insight-driven business transactions, organizations are digitally transforming and relying on increasingly more real-time and granular big data to enable key strategies and initiatives. Across Oil & Gas Industry, for example, supply chain management is being transformed via big data analytics, transforming the ways in which companies define and manage their supply chains.

Both Tech Mahindra and Cloudera are strategic partners for a wide-range of fortune 500 organizations. Tech Mahindra, with deep experience in both supply chain management and business analytics, has developed an innovative SCM Analytics Solution to address the supply chain efficiency challenges of global Oil &Gas Industry. Core to this this solution is the Cloudera Big Data Management platform, providing the immense data storage and computational power required for Big Data enabled supply chain analytics solutions.

SCM Analytics Solution– Tech Mahindra’s iDecisions® powered Supply Chain Analytics solution addresses complex supply chain challenges by providing end-to-end visibility & insight across the SCM value chain. By providing an prebuilt, end-to-end analytics solution, it provides the ability to dramatically reduce both application implementation time and cost. Additionally, it provides a proprietary diagnostic and Consultative framework to identify the gaps within supply chain. We invite you to join an Exclusive Executive Connect session, where Tech Mahindra and Cloudera will showcase their thought leadership on how their Analytics Solutions and Services are enabling customers to reap benefits from big data, create data-driven cultures, and facilitate the customer’s Digital journey.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019