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Tech Mahindra at 3rd Annual TrustCon


Tech Mahindra is recognized as a Star Performer in Everest Trust and Safety PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023. With unparalleled expertise and AI-powered strategies, we help organizations overcome a wide array of emerging trust and safety challenges, from dangerous online hoaxes to deepfakes, and proven ways to address egregious content.

Our trust and safety solutions help foster digital confidence supporting and enhancing users’ trust and experience in digital systems and practices. Some of our top-notch offerings and value propositions include GenAI-enabled content moderation API, trust and safety ‘Center of Excellence’ (COE) to drive value, capabilities that include content moderation, brand safety, platform safety, and content services, and employee wellness support throughout the employee lifecycle, including post-exit support.

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Our Approach and Investments

our Approach and Investments

We have been delivering unmatched value to our clients with our strategic approach and investments in advanced technologies. Get a sneak peek into our priorities:

  • Ecosystem of Partners Across Technology, Domain, and Wellness
  • Policy Making Support
  • AI as the First Line of Defense (AI + Human Synergy)
  • Nimbleness in Adapting to Dynamic Online Marketplaces
  • Wellness at the center of our CoMo Operations
  • Trust and Safety Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Hyperlocal Delivery Model
Our Leadership

Bharat Vasudevan Author
Bharath Vasudevan

Chief Capability Officer, Tech Mahindra BPS

Sathish Kasthuri

Group Practice Head, Digital Business Operations, Tech Mahindra BPS

Prashant batra
Prashant Batra

Vice President and Business Unit Head, Tech Mahindra BPS

Tarun Tandon
Tarun Tandon

Global Operations and Delivery Leader, Tech Mahindra BPS

Rajat Madaan
Rajat Madaan

Global Delivery Leader, Trust and Safety, Tech Mahindra BPS

Rajan Khattar
Rajan Khattar

VP and Business Head, Platforms and Software, Tech Mahindra BPS


Monday, 22 July 2024


San Francisco, California, USA