Tech Mahindra is a Gold Sponsor at TCF’24 | Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a Gold Sponsor at TCF’24


We are pleased to be the gold sponsor at Temenos Community Forum, 2024.Connect with us at one of the biggest global banking technology conferences where the stakeholders from financial sector gather to learn and interact with each other. Everyone gathers at the event to learn and discuss on how present-day innovations like big data, SaaS, cloud, embedded finance, and generative AI to name a few, can change their businesses and provide imaginative client encounters.

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Next-Gen Innovative Banking Solutions to Scale Your Businesses at Speed

By Gopinath C - Head- Temenos CoE, Tech Mahindra

15th May 2024 | Time: - 4:55 PM - 15:15 PM GMT and 16th May 2024 | Time: 09:30 AM - 09:50 AM GMT

Discover Tech Mahindra's cutting-edge solution designed to expedite digital transformation in banking, encompassing core modernization, platform offerings, cloud enablement, payments, and banking operations. Leveraging over 20 years of Temenos’ expertise, this solution tackles the challenges banks face during their transformation journey, offering a best-in-class approach.

Temenos Competency Overview

Tech Mahindra is a global Temenos certified SI partner providing end-to-end SI services

About Our Partnership

Tech Mahindra has over two decades of Temenos experience offering innovative and customer-centric information technology services and solutions since 2001. Tech Mahindra is the global certified delivery partner for Temenos Transact, Digital (Infinity), Payments, FCM and Data & Analytics. A global Temenos certified Migration, Upgrade, Development and Maintenance partner providing end-to-end system integration and transformation services that encompass legacy modernization to upgrades. Our expertise in cloud, open banking, automation, analytics, security, regulatory and risk management, ensures you witness a seamless digital transformation.

Meet Our Leaders

Ratnadeep Mukherjee
Ratnadeep Mukherjee

Head, Sales- Banking Products, EMEA

Navin Dulani
Navin Dulani

Head, Sales - Banking Products, APAC

Gopinath C
Gopinath C

Head - Temenos CoE


Tuesday, 14 May 2024


Booth #39, The Convention Centre | Dublin, Ireland