Tech Mahindra is a proud sponsor at Dig|In 2019 | Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a proud sponsor at Dig|In 2019

The Digital Future of Insurance 2019 will bring together the insurance fraternity of North America to discuss the latest developments in digital technologies driving business agility and enhancing customer experience.

Dig|In will feature keynotes from the industry’s disruptors. We’ll hear from the endemic industry players that are leading the way with digital strategy, and visionaries who are building the future of the industry. Tech Mahindra is a Proud Sponsor for the event and showcasing many innovative solutions:

  1. SENTINEL - AI and IoT based Risk Aggregation and Management Platform.
  2. Zero Touch Underwriting - Cognitive Machine Learning and AI based decision enablers for Underwriters.
  3. IntelliClaims - AI based Claims Straight through Processing with Chatbots, Voicebots, Image Analytics, Robotics & Cognitive Automation.
  4. IntelliChat - Voice and Chat based Conversational Experiences.
  5. InsurEZ – A digital platform for agent self-service.
  6. Litmus T – Intelligent Test Automation Platform built on AI/ML, RPA.
  7. TACTiX- Automation Solution for IT & Business Operations.
  8. WaaS NxT – Digital Workspace as a Service, delivering significant efficiencies.

These solutions leverage niche & emerging technologies and offer innovative approaches for addressing some of the major business challenges of the Insurance industry.

To learn more about the event & participate, please visit Dig-In

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019