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Transform Your Business & Unlock Digital Economy with the Power of APIs


We are in the midst of an unprecedented phase of digital transformation, which has only been accelerated in 2020.

Once a tool for programmers, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are now seen as an essential transformation tool that enables organizations to capitalize the digital value chain and realize the true value of assets, be it data, process or even people.

However, today’s organizations are confronted with multiple challenges like scalability, adaptability, connectivity and security due to their legacy or inflexible API management solutions and stacks. An effective and adaptable API management platform that allows you to balance innovation, speed to market, and consistent data sharing built on secure and scalable solutions is critical to succeed.

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Our Speakers

Chockalingam Subramanian

Practice head, NexGen Integration, Tech Mahindra

Abhishek Pathak

Partner Engineering Lead, Business Application Platforms, Google Cloud Apigee


Wednesday, 28 October 2020
Event Agenda
The Role of APIs in Digital Transformation

28 Oct 2020
The shift from Product to Platform led thinking

28 Oct 2020
How APIs can help create new business and monetization opportunities

28 Oct 2020
Digital transformation use cases powered by Google Cloud Apigee

28 Oct 2020
How TechM can help transform your business with Google Cloud Apigee

28 Oct 2020