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Tech Mahindra Partners with ARM for ARM 5G Solutions Lab

This has been a significant year for the implementation of 5G. The number of 5G connections is expected to reach 692 million worldwide before the current year is over.

The quick pace of implementation of 5G indicates how critical it is that we accomplish quicker expansion of network and edge infrastructure solutions to offer the benefits of 5G worldwide, especially for developing economies with restricted or no access to network. We are happy to announce the partnership with ARM 5G Solutions Lab. The aim of this partnership is to aid innovation in the network space for ecosystem partners to come together and establish end-to-end solutions in a live test environment.

“5G is the network of the future, but we must put tools in the hands of developers to see the full promise of 5G come to life. Tech Mahindra has focused investments in providing engineering R&D enablement to 5G/Open RAN providers, such as original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors, test and verification vendors, and communication silicon solution providers. In this partnership with ARM, Tech Mahindra is committed to provide the best-in-class 5G/Open RAN engineering experience and scalable 5G lab infrastructure so that developers can build and test new ideas, and do so in a secure and collaborative space alongside key players in the industry.” – Sandeep Phadke, SVP and Head of Europe (Communications Media, Entertainment and Technology Business), Tech Mahindra Read More