“It’s exciting for me to do something new,” says Magnus Carlsen on joining Global Chess League | Tech Mahindra

“It’s exciting for me to do something new,” says Magnus Carlsen on joining Global Chess League

 The Global Chess League, a joint venture between Tech Mahindra and FIDE, is almost around the corner and they have recently announced the signing of former five-time world champion and current world Rapid Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen as one of the icon players. Carlsen who is widely regarded as the greatest chess player of the current generation will be in action during the inaugural edition of the league to be held from June 21st – July 2nd, 2023, in association with the Dubai Sports Council.

Grandmaster Carlsen seemed excited to be a part of the league and said, “It is an exciting prospect for me to be a part of. This will be something new. Something that has not been done this way in over-the-board chess. I am looking forward to exploring this format for future.”

The league will see each of the six franchises play a total of 10 matches in a double round-robin format, with the winner of each match being decided in a best-of-six board scoring system played simultaneously. The top two teams will qualify for the final on July 2, 2023, and be crowned the World Champion Franchise Team.

Carlsen who is known for his experimental views on chess believes that team format matches are something that he really prefers. The Grandmaster expressed his views about the mixed team format by saying, “Personally I very much enjoy team events and the team spirit within the group. So, it is something I always look forward to. I am looking forward to meeting the other players in the team, and I look forward to competing with and against the exciting young generation of Indian players. One of the really good things about this tournament is men and women can compete against each other at the same stage.”

Carlsen also rated the Indian talent that is coming through very highly by saying, “I think India is doing a lot of right things so far, and it is a matter of time before it is clearly the leading chess nation in the world.”

He also spoke about Tech Mahindra’s involvement with the league and said it’s a welcome move. “I am happy that an ambitious partner like Tech Mahindra has joined the chess ecosystem. I believe this is a positive move for chess.”

Finally, in the conversation, Grandmaster Carlsen also reminisced about his best memories from his chess journey and said that he is thankful for his family’s support. He said, “My family has always been very supportive without ever pushing me, and for that, I’m very grateful. The year we travelled together when I was 13, earning my Grandmaster norms, will always be a fond memory.”

About Tech Mahindra Global Chess League:

The Global Chess League is the world's first and largest official franchise league of its kind, with chess players from all over the world competing in a unique joint team format. It is a joint venture between Tech Mahindra, a part of the Mahindra Group, and FIDE. The league will feature male and female chess champions competing in the same team. Playing on the popular Rapid format, the league's joint male-female teams will have the rare distinction of being a unique multiplayer team in the world of professional sports. In addition, the League will be the first ever Live televised chess event of its kind that will help offer fans a unique viewing experience. Tech Mahindra and FIDE will explore innovative ways to promote the game through interactive technology-enabled platforms by leveraging next-generation technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, among others.


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