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Tech Mahindra to Offer Cloud Gaming as a Service to Telcos, Cable Companies and OEMS

Leverages 5G, Edge and Network expertise to deliver low latency gaming experiences to end-consumers in partnership with Ludium Labs

Today, Tech Mahindra, leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services and solutions, announced the launch of its Cloud Gaming as a Service offering. This service will be offered through Tech Mahindra’s cloud-based platform powered by Ludium Labs. The collaboration will help telecom providers, cable companies and OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturer) offer another value-added service, which leverages their networks capabilities and, in the process, create an additional revenue stream. This service will dramatically improve end consumer access to gaming by eliminating the need for expensive gaming consoles and high-speed internet connections to access popular compute-intensive games.

The B2B Cloud Gaming Service will enhance the AAA gaming experience - high-budget, high-profile games that are typically produced and distributed by large publishers. This will be achieved through a 5G powered low latency gaming service in the form of a plug and play solution with a library of over 150 AAA games stored in the cloud that can be accessed on any device, and processed on the edge.

Manish Vyas, President, Communications, Media & Entertainment and CEO, Network Services, said,The gaming industry has seen a spike in its users post the Covid era, leading to increased interests and opportunities for the industry to grow. The evolution of 5G with its inherent low latency will play a pivotal role in the adoption of experiences in the Metaverse and cloud gaming. We look forward to delivering NXT of cloud gaming with Ludium Lab, thereby delivering tomorrow’s experience today to our enterprise customers.”

Until now, many gaming businesses have been unable to invest the necessary time and capital into developing such solutions as their commercial focus has been on game development itself. This partnership will improve accessibility for both businesses and consumers by leveraging Tech Mahindra’s extensive expertise in the 5G, video and cloud engineering space, earned by working with top global media and entertainment companies, cloud service providers and mobile operators.

Juan José Martin, CEO Ludium Lab, said,Our commitment to deliver a user experience that is both enhanced and affordable is what makes us a leading player in cloud gaming. We are thrilled to partner with Tech Mahindra, who we recognize as an important world leading technological company. Combining their expertise with our innovative virtualization technology and cloud gaming capabilities, our Cloud Gaming as a Service will be a major turning point in the market.”

Tech Mahindra and Ludium Lab will promote their cloud gaming services jointly, targeting leading companies in the telecommunications industry, such as mobile Originial Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), cable operators, smart TV OEMs, and other organisations seeking to optimise connectivity for an enhanced gaming experience in today's growing digital world.

Tech Mahindra’s cloud gaming service will be a white labelled, customisable Software-as-a-service (SaaS) service that uses proprietary algorithms to dramatically reduce the cloud infrastructure required to deliver the games. The games hosted on Ludium Lab’s platform are safe from piracy attempts as only Audio Visual (AV) streams are delivered to each gamer’s device. As part of NXT.NOW ™ framework, which aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’, Tech Mahindra focuses on investing in emerging technologies and solutions that enable digital transformation and meet the evolving needs of the customer.

About Ludium Lab

Ludium Lab is a technology startup – based in Barcelona – that stemmed from a spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2012. In this spin-off, a group of researchers began developing a new cloud streaming technology. The team has been working for over a decade to perfect interactive streaming in order to achieve its implementation with maximum quality and at a low cost. Ludium Lab provides services to other companies (B2B) and SoraStream is its first product designed for consumers.

About Tech Mahindra

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