Tech Mahindra Partners with ColorTokens and SSIC to Launch Strategic Cyber Insights, Powered by X-Analytics® | Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Partners with ColorTokens and SSIC to Launch Strategic Cyber Insights, Powered by X-Analytics®

This first-of-its-kind approach in the GSI marketplace will provide cyber resiliency and help align cyber security decisions with successful business outcomes for global customers

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services and solutions, today announced the launch of its Strategic Cyber Insights, Powered by X-Analytics® - a strategic cyber risk advisory service. Through this new service, Tech Mahindra will break new ground for enterprises that embrace digital transformation or leverage technology to solve complex problems to future-proof business operations incorporating cyber security at the optimum level.

Tech Mahindra has partnered with ColorTokens to deliver advanced Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, and risk management services leveraging ColorTokens’ partnership with SSIC to quantify, manage and track enterprise risk. In collaboration with ColorTokens and Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC), Tech Mahindra’s Strategic Cyber Insights, Powered by X-Analytics® presents cyber analytics insights to help effectively mitigate threats and ensure organizations have the level of security dictated by their business. X-Analytics® leverages advanced financial cyber risk analytics enabling businesses navigate the uncertainty of cyber risk with confidence and clarity.

Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer, Tech Mahindra, said, Cyber Security addresses a serious threat that will remain a risk for the next decade. For businesses, assurance and insurance are vital as every breach could cost millions of dollars and loss of critical data. Evaluating cyber security decisions for successful business outcomes is a key component to modern business planning.  With Tech Mahindra’s Strategic Cyber Insights, Powered by X-Analytics®, we are empowering organizations to align their cyber security efforts with business objectives.

Tech Mahindra Strategic Cyber Insights will enable enterprises to stay ahead of the potential cyber-attacks and secure their positions in advance. The services provided will be customized to the organizations’ security controls and risk postures to proactively eliminate cyber risk which are likely to cause major financial impact and disruption. Strategic cyber insights bring the size, scale, and expertise of Tech Mahindra along with market-leading X-Analytics® cyber risk decision guiding application to truly help companies understand and financially manage their organizational cyber risk.

Raja Ukil, SVP Global Markets and Partnerships, ColorTokens, said, “Traditional risk management platforms are ineffective and pose the potential threat of exposing organizations to escalating threats. Businesses need a robust approach to risk quantification and management, especially in the complex IT landscape. Our advanced cybersecurity solutions have helped organizations augment their capabilities to protect themselves and their customers better. And, we are thrilled about the launch of Tech Mahindra’s Cyber Insights powered by our partner SSIC’s X-Analytics® to quantify, manage and track risk for the modern enterprise.” 

Kevin Richards, President, SSIC Cyber Risk Services, said, “With the launch of Tech Mahindra’s Strategic Cyber Insights, powered by X-Analytics®, global customers will have access to the next generation of cyber risk analytics. Leveraging the latest in cyber economics, Tech Mahindra Strategic Cyber Insights provides business leaders with understandable and actionable financial insights relating to their organizational cyber risk.  By leveraging Tech Mahindra’s world class capabilities, organizations will be able to initiate effective strategies that align cyber risk management with business goals.”  

Tech Mahindra believes in DigitALL philosophy for comprehensive business transformation. Digital technologies catalyze the transformations – they humanize businesses by helping them think, sense, connect, communicate, secure, and act better than before. As part of NXT.NOWTM framework, which aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’, Tech Mahindra focuses on investing in emerging technologies and solutions that enable digital transformation and meet the evolving needs of the customer.

About X-Analytics

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC) is a cyber risk analytics firm whose mission is to improve how businesses manage financial exposure to cyber risk through the power of data analytics. X-Analytics is a patented and validated cyber risk decisioning platform that is changing how executives, boards and the risk management industry effectively manage financial exposure to cyber risk.
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About ColorTokens

ColorTokens Inc. is a leading innovator in SaaS-based Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that provides global enterprises with a unique set of products and services for securing applications, data, and users across cloud and hybrid environments. Through its award-winning Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform and context-aware machine learning-powered technologies, ColorTokens helps businesses accurately assess and improve their security posture dynamically.

As cloud adoption grows, traditional perimeters get redefined, and new attack vectors and threat actors materialize, corporations recognize their security posture needs to reflect their Zero Trust philosophy. ColorTokens' technology allows customers to achieve Zero Trust by using rich, meaningful contextual information about the application, microservice, or protected resource, so customers can apply Zero Trust with as secure of a perimeter as they can. ColorTokens' cloud-based SaaS platform can automatically deploy next-generation security controls and increase security posture dynamically without any new hardware, downtime, reboots, or changes to a client's existing systems.

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About Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra offers innovative and customer-centric digital experiences, enabling enterprises, associates and the society to Rise. We are a USD 6 billion organization with 158,000+ professionals across 90 countries helping 1262 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. We are focused on leveraging next-generation technologies including 5G, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and more, to enable end-to-end digital transformation for global customers. Tech Mahindra is the only Indian company in the world to receive the HRH The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta Seal for its commitment to creating a sustainable future. We are the fastest growing brand in ‘brand strength’ and amongst the top 7 IT brands globally. With the NXT.NOW TM framework, Tech Mahindra aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’ for our ecosystem and drive collaborative disruption with synergies arising from a robust portfolio of companies. Tech Mahindra aims at delivering tomorrow’s experiences today, and believes that the ‘Future is Now’.

We are part of the Mahindra Group, founded in 1945, one of the largest and most admired multinational federation of companies with 260,000 employees in over 100 countries. It enjoys a leadership position in farm equipment, utility vehicles, information technology and financial services in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by volume. It has a strong presence in renewable energy, agriculture, logistics, hospitality and real estate. The Mahindra Group has a clear focus on leading ESG globally, enabling rural prosperity and enhancing urban living, with a goal to drive positive change in the lives of communities and stakeholders to enable them to Rise.

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