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6 Reasons Your Organization Needs an Enterprise Service Management Tool

The service experience has evolved, no doubt, but the great news is that the tools to support complex processes have also become extremely advanced. Today, most organizations have an IT service management (ITSM) solution in place, but it is only with an enterprise service management (ESM) tool that you get an edge. It can be considered an extension of ITSM tools' principles, enabling a standardized service catalog for non-IT departments like finance, legal, HR, and others. An ESM solution helps to imbibe excellence in service delivery as a culture across your organization, making your strategies more people-centric. This would, in turn, improve the resilience of any organization and proactively identify and break down silos.

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One such effective ESM tool is IFS Assyst – a codeless application that ensures that every department in the company, technical and non-technical, can leverage easy-to-architect service delivery.

  • End-to-End Solution

    IFS Assyst has a comprehensive set of features "all in the box," including a support portal, service desk, asset discovery, and more.

  • Portfolio Augmentation

    If you already use IFS, you can seamlessly integrate and enhance Assyst with your current solutions.

  • Market-Disruptive Pricing

    IFS Assyst is also proud of its competitive and transparent price structure, which makes it a no-brainer for organizations and makes it stand out.

Let’s look at the top six reasons for choosing an ESM

1. Increased productivity with decreased cost
In most traditional service management situations, manual tasks, process inefficiencies and repetitive workflows can be overwhelming for resources, taking away their valuable time. An ESM tool can tackle this by automation and self-service capabilities, reducing burdens on help desks. A unified platform like IFS Assyst could significantly streamline service operations and reduce costs for your organization.

2. Self-service capabilities and a less strained service desk
The one thing that is more frustrating than needing help is if there’s a long waiting time to get it. With the self-service capabilities of ESM tools, long wait times at service help desks can be mitigated to a large extent. An ESM solution lets employees track their requests and automate basic issue resolution or troubleshooting powered by AI. With user-friendly platforms like IFS Assyst, all teams can access FAQs and a shared knowledge base instantly, reducing help desk loads and allowing them to focus on more complex challenges.

3. Data-driven decisions with robust analytics
ESM helps your organization with real-time insights into important data like SLAs and the time to resolve a request. This is key to optimizing service delivery and management-related processes and helps insight-driven decision-making. With IFS Assyst, you can drill down on improvement areas and identify any trends while gaining the visibility you need to enhance the service experience.

4. Staying accountable and more secure
A great advantage of ESM is that it makes your employees more accountable, and you don’t have to switch between tools to stay on the same page. As all service requests, approvals and governance processes are centralized, it promotes transparency. These solutions keep a clear record of activities and also have role-based control so that the correct people can get access. Tools like IFS Assyst help you build strong internal controls and effective delivery while nurturing a safer environment.

5. Streamlined communication and reduced training
ESM tools give a central entry point for all requests, so employees don’t need to learn different systems across departments. IFS Assyst gives priority to user experience and intuitive interfaces that employees can navigate with ease, with no need for coding skills. The training time is much lower, communication is more streamlined and the entire workforce is more focused on exceptional service delivery together. The licensing is uniform and the deployment is simple, making it a cost-effective choice for organizations irrespective of their size.

6. Maximize returns on your ITSM investments
Chances are your organization already uses an ITSM and the good part about ESMs is they can integrate well with existing systems, so you get a better ROI on investments you have already made. This removes costly rip-and-replace methods, so that the transition is smooth, and you can enjoy the full benefits of the existing ITSM solution too.

The goal of an ESM, just like IFS Assyst, is to promote standardization. A common service delivery model for the whole organization also ensures that all your teams are receiving the same level of support and that customers are receiving a consistent level of service. The productivity is not just greater but streamlined and even predictable to some extent. As an exclusive certified distributor of IFS products, Tech Mahindra can help you implement and maintain your Assyst platform without making it a resource-intensive process. If organization-wide empowerment is your goal, IFS Assyst is the way to go.

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