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Beyond the Hype: Navigating AI in Action and its Potential for Innovation in Business

Enterprises are now being empowered by players in the field who offer a controlled environment, expertise in generative AI, and a range of offerings to experiment, discover possibilities, address concerns, and harness the potential of generative AI for a diverse range of applications. Its applicability is already gaining ground in major industries such as retail, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and more sectors are likely to accelerate adoption in the coming years.

In the UK alone, the generative AI market is currently valued at over USD 21 billion and is poised for further extraordinary growth. Experts predict that by 2035, it could surpass USD 1 trillion, establishing the UK as a global leader in AI. With a strong government strategy and businesses eager to seize early mover advantages, the UK offers immense opportunities for tech companies. Generous public funding combined with investments from influential players has fueled extensive AI research, nurtured startups, and facilitated widespread AI adoption by businesses.

These cutting-edge advancements promise to revolutionize countless sectors. For instance, Indian tech companies are gradually migrating from being back-end software support service providers to enablers in delivering generative AI tools and technologies. Consider the fairly recent exciting exchange between ChatGPT founder, Sam Altman and Tech Mahindra CEO, CP Gurnani, where the AI chatbot founder recounted that it would be difficult for Indian tech companies to compete in creating foundational AI systems. Gurnani was quick to respond, saying that they are extremely confident enough to take on the challenge and play a key role in offering competitive generative AI-based technologies.

Generative AI's Real World Application Extends Across Industries

At Tech Mahindra, we now offer home-grown solutions powered by advanced capabilities, including generative AI, which are now being used by various enterprises to address systemic, infrastructural, and operational challenges. Let us briefly discuss a few instances of the same:

Enhanced customer support for an F&B major: The client was struggling to deal with product recalls and poor brand image due to extended time frames taken by service teams in resolving customer issues. We helped implement a conversational interface application that reduced errors and time to solve customer queries.

Automated case processing for a pharmaceutical major: A pharma company banked upon our in-house generative AI studio from the TechM amplifAI0->∞ suite to address data volume and complexity challenges in case processing. This paved the way for safer and more efficient drug development practices, streamlining pharmacovigilance and yielding significant cost savings.

Truck stock optimization for a manufacturing giant: A large appliance manufacturer was challenged with efficiently managing and optimizing part and supply inventory for its field service ops. Leveraging our generative AI expertise, the client analyzed historical data, demand patterns, and service requirements to optimize their truck stock, minimize costs, reduce service time, and improve customer satisfaction.

Accurate customer profiling to increase demand retention for a retail company: In the light of wavering customer loyalty, a retail giant wanted to gain better insights into their customer base. We extended our capabilities in generative AI to analyze macro indicators, such as customer point of origin. This helped them accurately forecast incoming sales and tackle customer attrition with renewed means to improve demand retention.

Maintenance of content quality for a hyperscaler: The client, even with its large-scale data centers and massive computational capabilities, fell short in workforce while having to manage the rating of 1 million content pieces across 13 locations. We delivered the requirements within workforce limitations of 350 resources by optimizing their capacities with a human-in-the-loop (HITL) model, which combined generative AI with human oversight, and led to the efficient evaluation of content at scale.

Tech Mahindra Empowers Innovation with its Capabilities in Generative AI

With the introduction of TechM amplifAI0->∞ and its suite of transformative offerings, Tech Mahindra is disrupting the generative AI landscape and is all set to unleash a new era of customized, agile solutions that fuel organizational growth.

Our generative AI studio, a powerhouse enabling enterprises to generate top-notch content across diverse sectors, lies at the heart of this offering. Code, documents, images, videos, audio, and data – every facet of content creation – you name it, and our in-house studio has it covered. We also offer rich industry expertise in advanced language models, image synthesis algorithms, and real-time data generation solutions.

Leveraging large language models (LLMs), we empower enterprises with enhanced conversation-based information retrieval, facilitating knowledge management and enterprise search. We enhance user bot experiences through improved intent mapping and natural conversations. With legacy modernization and natural language development capabilities, we help organizations thrive in the world of low-code/no-code development.

We Leave No Stones Unturned to Explore New Territories -- What Lies Ahead?

Challenging industry norms and setting standards for tech upstarts to follow suit, Tech Mahindra has always been at the forefront of the AI revolution. The phenomenal success it has achieved so far in leveraging generative AI solutions for its clients across multiple industries has been nothing short of a disruption.

At this juncture, we are keen on taking up challenges in the UK, as its AI market shows immense promise. With its advanced capabilities in generative AI and the opportune state of the UK's AI market, it will be interesting to watch Tech Mahindra’s foray in this landscape. And as far as one knows, the innovative and adoptive roadmap is only going to evolve, and for the better. Come, be a part of this innovation journey where we redefine business transformation by fusing technology and human ingenuity. Partner with us today.

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Sushant Sharma
Vice President- Manufacturing, Retail, CPG, TTLH, Energy & Utility- UK&I

Sushant is currently the Vice President for manufacturing, retail, CPG, TTLH, energy & utility sectors in the UK&I region, who is responsible for P&L, strategic, sales, delivery, operational, M&A of major clients and businesses as well as penetrating into new clients.More

Sushant is currently the Vice President for manufacturing, retail, CPG, TTLH, energy & utility sectors in the UK&I region, who is responsible for P&L, strategic, sales, delivery, operational, M&A of major clients and businesses as well as penetrating into new clients. With over 20 years of experience in leading sales team, delivery, managing CXO relationship in manufacturing, TTHL, life science, oil & gas, utilities, CPG, and retail sectors within UKI & Europe, he has a successful record in achieving exponential growth within UKI & Europe for mid-large sized organizations.