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Business Sustainability Post Covid-19 Crisis

While the entire world is now busy figuring out the business continuity plan during COVID-19 situation, there will be many more challenges to overcome once this crisis is over. The new normal is not going to be as normal for everyone. Multiple SMB or SOHO players would be unable to sustain, whereas big players will struggle to bring their businesses back to BAU state as it was before COVID-19. The need of the hour is to come up with a business sustainability plan post COVID-19.

TechM has built a focused strategy to ensure the business sustainability for post COVID-19 new Normal. The key areas (Huge backlog, Higher cycle time for service delivery, Revenue leakage and loss, define new business SLA, sudden spike on customer contacts) has been identified and planned a strategic business model to help small to large scale companies to overcome COVID-19 crisis faster by right fit planning, prioritization, reduction in backlog, stop backlog palling-up, Inject and transform industry best practices with time bound semi outsourcing model such as BPaaS, as alternate plans in place, ensure sustainability and continuity of business.

Tech M has also suggested an effective business model between a client and service organization to ensure right governance and compliance between both the parties (focusing on Platform led digital process mining, Triggering real time business alerts, Accelerated automation, leveraging part time business process services, fixed cost) which will lead to -

  • Client organization to focus on BAU business and service provider can manage backlog
  • No complete outsourcing and job loss for client organization
  • Significant reduction in back log in a shorter time with fixed price
  • Limited cost for infra or any improvement drive
  • Real time and continuous alert system to bring up the SLA
  • Complete transformation and optimum process handover