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Connecting to Business Intelligently

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the brink of disrupting industries, and can bring about exponential improvement in the functionality of business operations. In this era of super computers and virtual machines, processing huge data and complex tasks has been streamlined by AI. Sophisticated technologies are being built every day that can mimic human brain functions, and as cost of implementing AI decreases, organizations are rapidly applying these practices to their business.

To discuss how these disruptions are taking place and what should be the focus area of investments for organizations, a TweetChat was organized between Andy Bhaduri, WW Head of Data & Analytics Partners, AWS and Chetan Shah, Global Business Head, Data and Analytics, Tech Mahindra. This chat on Twitter witnessed the two leaders giving their expert opinion on the various aspects of implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Here is how the chat unfolded.

Q1.  How has disruption changed the way organizations thinks about and approaches data and AI?

The ongoing disruption in various industries has been a catalyst to reevaluate data cost, it has also propelled organizations to move from legacy data storage systems to a modernized data infrastructure. Dynamic business organizations have used this transformation to lead data-driven industry disruption with new products, operational scale, and new customer segments.

It has also forced organizations to move faster towards their digitization goals, moving from evaluation stage to actually implementing digital transformation at an augmented velocity.

Q2.  What are the investment focus areas in data and AI space?

Every customer has a different perspective of implementing digital practices and migrate from legacy technologies, the focus area generally looks at solutions addressing business challenges readily with time-to-market advantage. It also involves deeper level of integration, scale, and cost control from their technology partners.

Organizations must also focus on skill development, IPs and solution development, automation and AI. They can also look at acquiring companies who have expertise in relevant areas and resonates with their growth proposition.

Q3.  How can ‘Analytics on AWS’ impact connected intelligence for your customers?

AWS has world class data platforms and it help customers drive business successes by leveraging its portfolio of deeply integrated, performant, and cost-effective services. It helps enterprises in driving data-led business transformation with new products, customer understanding, and operational efficiency.

Q4.  How is Tech Mahindra addressing the next generation of data and AI?

Tech Mahindra has been able to build a massive pool of use cases and solutions around next-gen data concepts. It is greatly invested upon upskilling its data experts to serve the customers on future technologies. It has also partnered with companies who are building products and platforms on these upcoming technologies.

Q5.  How are Tech Mahindra and AWS collaborating to take data and AI into a connected intelligence paradigm?

Partners play a very important role in delivering customer success for AWS. They are collaborating to help customers modernize data infrastructure, solve business challenges by making data accessible to deliver insights, and help them become data-driven organizations.

Organizations face challenges from massive amounts of data and struggle to derive insights. Connected intelligence platform works to unify data across the organization to deliver insights based on predictive models, which can help in faster decision making.

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