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Envisioning France Through the Lens of Blockchain

Since its emergence, blockchain technology has created a ripple effect across various sectors with its vast applications and advantages. It is revolutionizing the way we share information and carry transactions online. The European Union (EU) is paving the way towards a strong framework that follows a structured approach to become a leader in the way blockchain technology is further innovated.

While Asia has been hosting notable blockchain events in the recent past, European countries have been busy focusing on its regulation and innovation, with France aiming to showcase itself as the ‘blockchain nation’ of the world, to becomes a home to several significant blockchain platforms and companies. With everyone trying to succeed in this digital era, France is currently seeking a change in the way technology is perceived and adopted in organizations, to digitally transform and modernize industries, especially the small and medium ones. The country aims to do this with special emphasis on sustainable and  new resources, ecological mobility and  transport of the future, data economy and  digital trust, smart objects and  sustainable cities, smart feeding, industry and  medicine of the future and more.

Moreover, France has always been at the forefront in terms of technology, satisfying the needs and requirements of its vast consumer economy throughout the country with users knowing the detailed uses and the advantages of information and communication technologies. The country favors technological advancements and believes this significantly improves their quality of life. Even the government is actively pushing forward, the French Tech Mission (also known as La French Tech) - an initiative that promotes French startups on a global level and helps them develop into large companies, with the aim to become a tech giant in Europe and on a global scale.

Furthermore, the Covid -19 pandemic posed a new threat and forced many medium and small businesses to shut down entirely or change their business model to offer take-out or delivery options and migrate to a completely digital experience. This had made every decision-maker of these businesses to rethink their technological strategy and bounce back by digitally transforming themselves, adopting the new-age technologies namely blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse.

Building a Virtual World Without Boundaries

One simple yet powerful business use case could be – creating a multi-verse that improves the ability to attend classes in metaverse universities that will change the face of education forever. Students can study the subjects of their choice, at their own pace and break away from traditional methodology and syllabus models to explore their own strengths. They can study in any part of the world, buy necessary books, laptops and more using NFTs and interact with global student communities, with no financial burden of visas and foreign education. Hiring can happen through virtual offices where employees can be present in any city, and companies can aim to get top talent across the world rather than be restricted by geographical barriers. Moreover, companies can re-energize their employees by giving them enhanced social experiences at work, attending meetings in 3D avatars and co-working in an immersive office setting, virtually, thereby reducing their attrition rate.

NXT.NOWTM Solutions Built Around the New-Age Technologies

Our aim is to create value and build communities for our customers by being an early adopter and investing in these technologies. At TechM, we work on a holistic framework called ‘block ecosystem’ that comprises of various levers; block studio, block engage, block talks, block geeks, block accelerate, block access and block value, which create industry-leading applications that are architected on innovation and human excellence to unlock significant value for all stakeholders.

We have recently launched TechMVerse, a metaverse practice to deliver interactive and immersive experiences in the metaverse for our customers. Our aim is to build B2B use cases across sectors and to transform customer experiences that deliver real business outcomes, leveraging our world-leading network and infrastructure capabilities along with our foundational technological capabilities. Few use cases of the same are DealerVerse, metaverse-based car dealership; Meta Bank, a virtual bank; and gaming center, which offers immersive digital and professional experience services around design and content.

We have also created MiddleMist, an exclusive NFT marketplace to sell rare digital art of exclusive artists that are onboarded on the marketplace in partnership with the BORN group. The platform is plug and play, can be easily integrated, made with low code/no code and includes a host of features and offers many advantages including creation, monitoring and selling tokenized digital assets of artists at the click of a button, flexible options to add funds and make purchases, multiple wallet support, easy option to purchase, sell and auction NFTs, and a user-friendly interface.


With all being said, there is a lot of room for improvement & growth when it comes to these technologies as they are still in their nascent stage. Blockchain has a promising future in 2022 and beyond, given the potential business use cases it has, across every sector in which it is used and businesses can be benefited by reduction in human error, improvement in the diagnostic speed, and user privacy would be protected at all times. Businesses need to invest in these technologies now, to unlock their full potential and make tomorrow’s experiences better.

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Philippe Ly CONG TRINH
Vice President and Country Head – France, Enterprise Business, Tech Mahindra

Philippe is the Vice President and Country Head – France, Enterprise Business, Tech Mahindra, and is responsible for P&L, subsidiary management, sales strategy and international account management, market making, delivery and operations, as well as penetrating into new clients.More

Philippe is the Vice President and Country Head – France, Enterprise Business, Tech Mahindra, and is responsible for P&L, subsidiary management, sales strategy and international account management, market making, delivery and operations, as well as penetrating into new clients. With over 26 years’ experience in business and IT industry in leading sales team, delivery, managing CXO relationship across Europe, he has a proven track record of delivering outcomes exceeding internal objectives and customer expectations.