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The Future of Digital Transformation in Contact Centers

Contact centers have gone way past the stereotype of inefficient customer support where customers would often prefer to discontinue doing business with companies instead of wasting time over support calls with long waiting queues. The entire contact center ecosystem can be quite complex considering that each customer expects undivided attention from your team with a tangible resolution. Therefore, the whole idea of digital transformation in contact centers is to replace siloed processes with advanced technology to empower the support staff and enable strategic efforts in delivering excellent experiences to every customer.

Transformation is the Need of the Hour

The term omnichannel has been predominantly trending, especially in the contact center space. And in a time where customers’ needs are evolving at a quick pace, it only makes sense to meet them where they are. And this requires a lot of insight into their behaviors, pain points, and natural inclinations. Going digital allows you to leverage technology in a way that you are better positioned to provide seamless experiences across all channels throughout the customer journey. And this can mean a lot of things, like shortened call wait times, improved first call resolution, higher quality resolutions, and more. Digital transformation can bring about all these benefits if businesses catch up with current contact center technology trends that are here to stay. Let’s read about them in a little more detail.

Bird-Eye View: Process Mining

Process mining plays a tremendous role in how intelligently we can now revolutionize contact centers. It allows unifying processes so the entire organization can operate as a whole and provides CXOs and leaders a bird-eye view of the operations. With the use of digital footprints and customer journey maps, a complete picture of processes can be painted, which is essentially to identify bottlenecks contributing to poor customer experiences. For example, if manual servicing is what’s leading to slower responses and a poor resolution rate, the system can identify tasks, processes or interactions that can be automated. Similarly, visual representation of agent performance can help spot the need for training or workforce expansion. Process mining puts companies in a good position where they do not just see the customer needs better but also identify uncovered process gaps and anomalies.

Powering Processes and Transactions with Automation

Contact centers may be at a distinct disadvantage if they do not use automation, especially when serving a large customer base. With the help of intelligent automation technology, frontline agents need not undertake time-consuming manual processes and non-value-added work. For example, if a query comes in, it may automatically be moved to the right category or assigned to the most appropriate resource. As a result, your customer support team can avoid unnecessary call transfers and increase the rate of first call resolution.

Automating processes can also help contact center teams to have a 360-degree view of customer journeys based on past experiences and interactions. Companies can basically empower their agents to provide the most effective and insightful resolutions in real-time with access to a complete customer history while offering support on call or chat.

Artificial Intelligence

Just like how AI serves as a core technology to facilitate improved team efficiency and performance, it also generates improved contact center experiences for customers. It allows customers to have instant support instead of waiting in long customer support queues. For example, an AI chatbot facilitates self-service and enables customer to get response and resolution instantly, like making payments and checking FAQs for quick queries.

Similarly, AI-powered analytics enhance agent performance since agents can analyze unique customer profiles and personalize experiences instantly while interacting with customers. With a just few simple clicks, customer support executives can view customers’ support and resolution history, engagement with the brand at important touchpoints, certain behavior or support trends, and a library of resolutions as per query and complaint trends, to provide faster and more accurate resolutions. With the world of customer data and beyond-human AI technology at their disposal, contact centers can consistently deliver ingenious CX experiences.

Tech Mahindra’s Frictionless Contact Center

At Tech Mahindra we have built pioneering solutions for not just contact centers but for various business process services. And when we talk about digital transformation, the biggest challenge comes out to be disparate processes. In support centers, process challenges like these are something that brands can no longer afford since they further lead to CX challenges like long wait queues, unnecessary escalations, and unresolved complaints. Therefore, we have created a complete contact center digital transformation solution to enable frictionless contact centers in partnership with Celonis, one of the leading process mining and execution management software companies.

This partnership has helped us enhance our digital offerings and also enabled us to cater to contact center operations in various industries. We have delivered exceptional results like up to 30% lower call hold times, upwards of 75% first call resolution, and an excellent resource occupancy of up to 85%. And all this is made possible with our flawless technology suite that consists of process mining solutions, AI capabilities, robotic process automation, analytics (including predictive analytics), and a world of connected digital experiences to transform your contact center operations.

We have also introduced a process mining center of excellence as a part of Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOWTM framework. Its aim is to offer creative and comprehensive CX solutions that help enterprises grow exponentially.

About the Author
Prabhjinder Bedi
Chief Growth Officer - Tech Mahindra Business Process Services

Bedi has over two decades of experience involving launching start-up ecosystems, scaling up businesses, and successfully taking products and services to market across industry verticals, spanning telecom and media, hi-tech/new economy, financial services, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, and life sciences.More

Bedi has over two decades of experience involving launching start-up ecosystems, scaling up businesses, and successfully taking products and services to market across industry verticals, spanning telecom and media, hi-tech/new economy, financial services, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, and life sciences. Having spent over 16 years at Tech Mahindra, Bedi is currently responsible for taking our existing and new-age service offerings to global markets and adding meaning to our shareholders, partners, and customers. Bedi is a bachelor’s in Engineering from IIT, Benaras and holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IIM Calcutta.