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How Simplification in Businesses Ushers in the NXT World Order

While the digital era maybe marked with disruptions, communication, media, and entertainment (CME) companies have been quick to move away from legacy technologies – adopting digital experiences that fundamentally transform the way experiences are delivering across platforms. However, amidst changing economic paradigms, global markets altering businesses, social discontent, and other uncertainties, these companies have struggled to keep up with their budgetary spend and overall costs. The need of the hour is to create simplified operating models that can efficiently remove unnecessary costs and provider higher returns on investments (ROI) while being sustainable. More importantly, to truly understand consumer perspective, these companies will be harnessing new age technologies like connected experiences and artificial intelligence (AI) to build resilience.

Digitally empowered experiences today will continue to be key accelerators to drive this momentum ahead. Alongside the shift across businesses in terms of a tech-oriented mindset, there arises the question of ‘sustainable transformation’ in a way that can be scaled over time—  

  • Driven by 5G powered wireless communications
  • Through improved connectivity founded on a maturing fibre infrastructure
  • With telcos becoming ‘techcos’ – embracing next-gen technologies like quantum computing
  • By enabling immersive experiences through augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) that are more human/user-centric

Prioritizing Simplification as a Core Transformation Tenet

For CME businesses yesterday, today, and tomorrow, customer experiences will be at the core of every strategy. However, this outlook has broadened further with the advent of connected experiences as it provides a deeper lens into what users want. Simply put, connected experiences leverage data from processes that have been automated over time and are backed by self-learning software. This has been key for businesses to make user relationships more meaningful across platforms in a manner than is more cost-effective than traditional channels.

While cost optimization is a key benefit from these digitization efforts, simplifying these operating models enables seamless connectivity that can support myriad customer needs and help businesses reach their desired outcomes in an effective, personalized manner. And in many ways, business experience true diversity of thought and creativity that has multiple long-term benefits. We call this ‘enabling-empathy-at-scale’. It helps us gain new perspectives on how we can more efficiently achieve our sustainability goals while helping our customers adopt a simplification approach to their transformation efforts.

At Tech Mahindra, we have been actively helping our customers and stakeholders be more purpose-driven and human-centric through connected experiences powered by 5G. For instance, we are enabling:

  • Faster and more effective robotic-enabled diagnosis for a healthcare institution
  • Robust connectivity for lifesaving, first-responder services
  • Risk elimination to human-life via a safer process for installation of doors through automated guided vehicles (AGVs) at an automotive manufacturing plant
  • Safer deep-sea mining complimented by artificial intelligence (AI) on low-latency connectivity – all of this enabled by a private 5G network, helping in faster connectivity, better access with more devices.

These instances depict a connected hospital, a connected mission-critical network of lifesavers, a connected manufacturing unit, and connected mining operations – a near-perfect connected world. While there’s a long way to go, our work has begun as we empower more customers with transparent and meaningful data that can better cater to their overarching sustainability goals while ensuring profitability; be it through their supply chains, energy usage, or social responsibility.

Heightening Trust with Connected Experiences

The most valuable commodity for businesses now is trust. Profit with a purpose has now become the benchmark of success and today’s enterprise must become the creator of transformational change. It is not just about embracing digital transformation today. We must Rise together and build enduring, sustainable businesses that ensure meaningful change on ground:

For an Equal World: Enable customers to use information in a transparent and effective manner that results in mindful growth, improve lives using technology that create truly autonomous lifestyles, and build solutions that are inclusive as well as sustainable.

To be Future Ready: Create seamless technologies delivering connected and immersive experiences with multiple customer touchpoints that serve the digital natives – increasing device proliferation while being interactive, immersive, and collaborative in nature.

To Create Value: Deliver human-centered connected experiences through sustainable business practices to drive positive impact across profits, people, and the planet.

In the future, business models will change in reaction to more platform interoperability and broader ecosystems as digital interactions and programmes move toward connected experiences. While these experiences do exist in pockets today, more collaborative effort is required for creating a truly connected, equitable world order.

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