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Quantum Computing Set to Revolutionize the Future

The advancements in machine learning (ML) coupled with quantum physics have laid the foundation for the rise of quantum computing. It is brimming with probabilities and entanglement to re-imagine and fuel newer use cases across industries.

For example, in life sciences, the pace of drug discovery and developing molecules rely on classical computer-assisted drug discovery methodology, which is both time-consuming and costly.

Due to the limited processing capability, processing complicated computations is nearly impossible, which limits the scientists to deliver precision while doing research.

Quantum computers, however, open a whole range of wide possibilities. Once you have the equations to simulate certain formulae the computational process was not feasible until quite recently. Today's quantum computers allow you to process Q/n interaction of compound particles in a limited time frame, significantly reducing the costs and increasing the probability of building more precise solutions.

New frontiers in computing, communications, cyber security, and other applications are emerging with quantum technologies support. It is expected that a lot of transformation and new use cases will be built up from the theoretical constructs.

As breakthroughs accelerate, investments are being made to develop practical use cases enabled by hyperscalers, i.e.,

  • A multinational technology corporation unveils 400 qubit-plus quantum processes
  • A cloud service provides launches the first neutral-atom quantum processor
  • A search engine company collaborates with a quantum computing hardware and software company for their cloud quantum computing journey

First set of use cases:

  • A biotech company built a quantum molecule comparison application to expedite  drug discovery
  • A space exploration center leveraged  Microsoft Azure Quantum  to find more efficient ways to communicate with spacecraft that is exploring our solar system and beyond
  • In a collaboration with an American multinational investment bank and financial services company, the  AWS Quantum Computing  Center and  Amazon Quantum Solutions  Lab are working to solve real-world financial problems by leveraging quantum computing
  • Multinational automotive companies are redesigning the chemical composition of electrical-vehicle batteries and improving the performance of their vehicles.
  • European aviation giants will determine the most fuel-efficient paths and optimal routes leveraging quantum computing

TechM: Blazing the Quantum Space

Accelerating the adoption and commercialization of quantum technologies, Tech Mahindra has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Mahindra University to boost research and development (R&D) in quantum computing.

TechM has also inked a partnership with Finland-based IQM Quantum Computers in setting up a quantum center of excellence – QNxt in Helsinki. This will allow both companies to deliver new quantum computing offerings for healthcare, banking, cyber security, and other various industries.

The partnership will bring together IQM's quantum algorithm development capabilities, hardware with Tech Mahindra's industry knowledge in quantum computing - hybrid algorithms, quantum machine learning, and quantum simulation.

As we continue exploring the potential of quantum computing (QC), we will be seeing new applications – and old use cases being reimagined. We will see new ways for computers to answer questions about themselves and their surroundings with unprecedented accuracy, transparency, and reliability. And we will also see the power of algorithms rise above their creators as ever-more-capable devices detect patterns and make more informed decisions.

The main appeal of quantum computing is that it solves complex problems faster with limited resource consumption, making it a perfect solution for big data processing e.g., aerospace logistics.

The platform has been set for next phase of use cases to scale up on quantum on such as

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Asset portfolio optimization
  • Fraud detection with graphs
  • Targeted customized advertising
  • Agri-predictions
  • Weather and natural calamity prediction.

An Overview of the Quantum Market

In recent years, the global quantum industry has advanced dramatically with significant investments made by both public and private sectors. According to analyst estimates, the quantum market is projected to reach $2 - $4B by 2026.

The major driving factor is the enterprise adoption quantum computing. The improved cooling technologies, fabrication, verification, and architecture support the enhancement of quantum computers along with:

  • Improved quantum algorithms
  • Accelerated investments in quantum tech
  • Increasing growth of community-led quantum contributions

Quantum algorithms are becoming a key part of modern computing. These kinds of algorithms work on the principle that if you know something about the environment, it will give you an answer closer to the real thing than anything else that could possibly operate on that same subject. As a result, quantum computers will become an essential part of our future computing architectures.

The commercialization of quantum i.e., the large-scale adoption of quantum in everyday will be require the cybersecurity industry to revolutionize. The adoption of quantum secure cryptography will secure the data and give you the access to the benefits of AI and other digital technologies in a much more granular fashion and improve outcomes and decrease preventable errors.

As metaverse uses lots of computation and simulation, leveraging quantum computing will enhance the computation and the overall experience deliverability. Additionally, the quantum-resistant security for any commerce and transactions will secure the data. The tremendous processing power of quantum computers will play a huge role in build a successful metaverse environment.

On a similar context, quantum computing with artificial intelligence (AI) will help build a more error free data. For example, quantum computing AI in natural language processing will allow you to create better voice-controlled conversation agents.

New opportunities in  virtual reality (VR), cryptography and ML are rising with quantum driving the n possibilities of processing and projecting the information in new ways.

Quantum computers are the future of computing, especially with their incredible processing power. The derived solutions could revolutionize the entire IT industry with major economic, industrial, academic, and societal impacts.

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Anuj Bhalla
Digital and Cloud Transformation Leader President & SBU Head - APJI Enterprise

Anuj Bhalla is President and SBU Head for APJI enterprise business at Tech Mahindra. He leads a charter of profitable business growth through value creation for customers with solutioning on new-age technologies enabled by delivery transformation teams and partners.More

Anuj Bhalla is President and SBU Head for APJI enterprise business at Tech Mahindra. He leads a charter of profitable business growth through value creation for customers with solutioning on new-age technologies enabled by delivery transformation teams and partners. With over 20 years of experience across business development, practice development, IT strategy, transformation, pre-sales and delivery for areas such as hybrid cloud, open source/open stack, he has a proven to be customer-centric leader with a passion for excellence and unrelenting focus on rapid execution.


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